Accomplish Goals Like "Pamilya Kaya" with Globe GFiber Prepaid

Sunday, November 19, 2023

These days, a blue collared job won't cut it for a family. There are various things your Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister could do to make proper "diskarte" so you could get a little extra and fulfill your goals at the same time. This is where Globe at Home could help especially on keeping us connected whenever we need it. Pamilya Kaya showed us at the Market!Market! Activity Center last October 1-7 how you could take your game to the next level. With Mommy Neri Miranda, Daddy Teddy Corpuz, Brother Raymond Mabute and Sister Lottie Bie, also known as Pamilya Kaya how you can elevate your skills with the new Globe GFiber Prepaid Unlimited Internet connection that they have. 

Mommy Kaya does more than just being a home maker. With the internet connection she has, it would be quite easy to do online selling as she streams and get orders from folks online even at the comforts of her home. She set goals to sell 299 items, and get payments for it in real time. Daddy Kaya on the other hand knows how to work out a crowd. With his crafting skills, he could charm and create 299 video content to take his YouTube dreams to reality. He is quite keen on doing live streams, reaction videos and show his daily life online. Kuya Kaya on the other hand is more than ready to battle it out with the great eSports personalities and Valorant players in over 299 matches. Tall order but it is achievable. Imagine the opportunities he's bound to get once those W's come in tournaments he's participating in. Not to be out-shined, Ate Kaya took to dating apps and swiped her way to love. With over 299 matches, it'll be easy for her to find the one through a couple of coffee dates in between.

How did they fare? Go watch these individual family challenges over at Globe at Home's Facebook page so you could go and interact with them during the livestreams. In it, you can get the chance to win prizes, surprises and learn a few things along the way. If you miss an episode, you can re-watch it on the same accounts or their official YouTube channel.


If you see their "diskarte" and feel that it fits what you need at home, you can get it for only Php 299 and use it for 7 days. I on the other hand prefer the GFiberSURF999 which lasts a month. It doesn't have a lockin period too which proves quite a challenge for some subscribers. Now you can have the connection you need without the stress. Your family definitely could level up, learn more skills and have more connections. Best of all, it's unlimited. If you want one, go download the GlobeOne app and click on the GFiber Plan option, then fill in your details submit requirements on the GFiber Prepaid form. Just like the "Pamilya Kaya", you can do it too!


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