JOHN WOO Flick "SILENT NIGHT" in Philippine Theaters November 29

Saturday, November 18, 2023

If you're raring to watch an action packed film these holidays, look no further as legendary award winning director JOHN WOO and Joel Kinnaman take you on a gripping film called "SILENT NIGHT". He adds this to hit films like Face Off, Hard Target, Mission Impossible 2, Paycheck, Reign of Assassins and Manhunt among others that he made in a span of 55 years in film. This will be in theaters come November 29 in the Philippines.

Silent Night is sort of a comeback for the director after his last one in Hollywood in 2017. He also is collaborating with Basil Iwanyk who produced Expandables and John Wick among others.

Joel Kinnaman on the other hand has been doing Netflix series House of Cards, Robocop, Suicide Squad. In this film, he's playing a father looking for justice because his son got caught in the crossfire of gangs over the holidays.

Sad for years, he went through rigorous training to find revenge with the same gang, so imagine the bullet ballet John Woo had to execute with that premise alone. Aside from Joel Kinnaman, cast includes Scott Mescudi, and a throng of character actors that will make this action packed film as intense or even better than his previous masterpieces.

John Woo is certainly a visionary, and this film was brought to the Philippines via Nathan Studios and 888 Films International. There will be more in the coming months for sure, but together with their recent hit series Cattleya Killer and Topakk, there will be no moviegoer that will say they're shortchanged when they go to cinemas. Follow Nathan Studios social channels for more updates about the film!


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