Check Out These New Products at POTATO CORNER

Thursday, November 30, 2023

The last time I was able to go to a Potato Corner branch was yesterday at Mall of Asia. The line was super long, not just because of the well loved French Fries and all it's flavors, but because YES, there's something new at our well loved potato brand!

These are new combos called Snack mix. Your well loved Potato Corner Flavored Fries now have a few things served with them. One is the new Corn Dog. If you've loved them at fairs and carnivals, you can get them anytime of the day at Potato Corner branches nationwide. It's golden brown and crunchy on the outside, but quite soft in the inside. It's also got a beef hotdog inside for some protein fix, it's quite filling, so don't give up on those fun afternoons in your neighborhood or the malls because there's lots more things to celebrate with Potato Corner.

They also have Super Chicken Pop, which they introduced during the pandemic (2020), good ol chicken nuggets with special crunchy breading, served hot and sprinkled with Potato Corner flavors. You can mix them up, pair one with the other, and it's quite convenient to carry around to let other people envy you (I'm sure you've experienced that! Ha!). You can get them today (started November 23rd), so if you're lovin them fries, there's more reason to snack on them even more!


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