MMFF 2023 Entry MALLARI Holds Fan Conference in MALL OF ASIA

Saturday, December 02, 2023

The MALLARI fever is on as they hold a big mediacon and fan conference at the Mall of Asia Music Hall this December 1st courtesy of the folks from Mentorque Productions and their new distributor partner Warner Brothers Pictures and Cleverminds Incorporated.

The film is part of this year's Metro Manila Film Festival entries which is highly coveted. This stars Mr. Piolo Pascual who plays the role of Father Juan Severino, a Filipino priest who met his untimely demise through the hands of the Spanish colonizers because of his acts. The event will also be graced by Mentorque Productions President John Bryan Diamante, lead stars Piolo Pascual, Janella Salvador, indie king JC Santos, Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, hunky Ron Angeles, Tommy Alejandrino, and a throng of actors in this real and semi fictional story of a priest that lived in the 1800's. He is said to have victimized over 57 people before getting stopped as the earliest recorded serial killer. Even older than Jack the Ripper.

Piolo says "For me as an actor, it's hard, but the difference of the characters were already described. The production value really was my consideration, the time I read the script, I already knew how big it was."

Gloria Diaz says she loves working with Piolo and adds "I love him, he is so nice. He is so maappeal. The director is a little tense, I am insecure with the new director so I always ask. The location, rain and distance was far, I had to do this of course."

Direk Derick says "Our set is fun, it's so easy to work because everyone was good vibes. The day 1 was severely difficult because we shot the ending first. I had questions about the way we shot this because it was very challenging to do 3 different personas and do it right away."

Janella says "The reason why it's called a curse (love as a curse) is because you want to do everything for the one you love, but I don't believe in that much."

Here's our video coverage, please enjoy!


This is Directed by Derick Cabrido who's dedication is unquestionably proven in this film. He showcased different timelines, periods that is not a usual topic in MMFF entries. Fans who love horror will surely love this offering, and international audiences will have a treat watching this horror flick on Christmas day. If you want to know more about MALLARI, visit Mentorque on Facebook  and @mentorqueproductions on IG.


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