Mallari's PIOLO PASCUAL, JC SANTOS Might Bag MMFF 2023 Acting Awards

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

It's Christmas Day and what better way to enjoy it but by watching MMFF 2023 entries at SM North EDSA. The streets there were pretty weird as there was no traffic. I had a hunch that people may have not flocked to cinemas, and as soon as I alighted from the car, the mall was full to the brim.

The lines were crazy, there were people in the actual ticket booth (about 20), but right across was the actual line (because SM prepared seating for them) and it was almost 50-100 people, even more as the day progressed. For those who would want to watch movies, I would suggest you get tickets online so you don't have to line up.

I've watched a few entries already, but the recent good reviews about the film MALLARI just got me interested in seeing it. Piolo Pascual in the lead role was a given. I wouldn't want the reviews to influence me, but reading how they've described this as a technically excellent made film right at the get go, I had to be extra observant on how they executed it. His role was a little difficult because he had to play a Mallari from 3 different generations. One is from the Spanish times, the other would be in the 40's, and the modern one too. Piolo's ability to do the 3 different personas was something he had to really prepare for so watchers could differentiate them from the other. Aside from that, they had to also scare people in the theaters, and you'll get attempts right from the very beginning of the film. Piolo Pascual's character is pivotal. He's the anchor wherein much of the journey through time happens, but you have to watch out for several characters that are also going to be involved in the conflicts introduced in this film.

When the movie started, they stopped a few minutes in because PIOLO PASCUAL went in the actual theater!


It would be happy to note that JC Santos' performance here was just AMAZING. When you look at him throw lines and tremble in various scenes, you can feel him across the screen. We don't want to spoil things, but just look at him every time he's on frame as each little nuance and appearance would matter. Their story structure is interesting because you wouldn't have to be a scientist to know what would happen if they suddenly get their timelines intertwined. Yes, there will be time travel involved but unlike cars on Back 2 the Future, they had a special way of doing it. Aside from that, you'll have bouts of ghouls, monsters, and legendary beings from Filipino folklore. The story after all is based on real events, but mighty glad to see a rich interpretation of it.

It's not all horror, not all drama, it delves on family, revenge, the tendency to wreak fear with different kinds of people. They put this together quite nicely. I even felt proud seeing Warner Brothers in the opening credits, I'm sure they see something special in Mentorque's entry in MMFF 2023. Now it's your chance to see this in cinemas. Don't just stay at home and do nothing, grab your friends, your family and try MALLARI out for size.

There's a huge reason why it's getting sold out in cinemas yesterday. The story is interesting, and with Piolo and JC's superior performance, it'll be a tough one to battle out with the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories. 

They might just get it.  

The film also stars Janella Salvador, Elisse Joson and Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz. They will be great contenders as well.

Go watch them all!


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