The 12 Days of DureX-MAS Naughty or Nice Event

Sunday, December 17, 2023

One awesome night with some of the nicest people, that's what I would describe the event a few nights ago. At the Ugly Duck White Rabbit place at Poblacion in Makati. They had us experience a different Christmas event, filled with pleasurable experiences, with the star of the show DUREX and their 12 Days of DureX-MAS. They showcased their various products, a good day to somehow break stereotypes that this doesn't get talked about much in the open - and educating people about its use. It was already fun, but they had us at the edge of our seats when the drag queens from RPDR PH went out to perform! 

There were tons of people out there from all walks of life, different generations. While we all used to squirm about talking about these in the past, I've seen a huge change in how people became quite receptive. Add to that, the entertainment that Matilda, Arizona Brandy, Miss Jade So, Bernie and Marina Summers brought to the event that evening, it was just made of dreams. If you haven't seen these queens perform, I'm telling you, you better do. Our queens were definitely world class! 

Here's a short video of what transpired that evening!

Thank you so much to the wonderful people of DUREX for having us that evening! It was well worth the trip to the center of Makati's Poblacion district, and started that needed conversation. 

Super fun!


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