Marvel at Lights, Sights and Kind People at KAWIT, CAVITE This Holiday Season!

Thursday, December 07, 2023

I've been in this side of the South a couple of times, but wasn't able to see the actual Aguinaldo Shrine in all its glory. Yes, I've been in Kawit, Cavite last week. Honestly, it was so much fun to have been able to veer away from Metro Manila, and see the actual thing we read in history books. For those who don't know, Kawit, Cavite is home to Emilio Aguinaldo, the first President of the new Republic under the Malolos Congress. To say the least, this part of the world is quite historic. His involvement in the Spanish and American War was quite huge, and has won several times, recorded over years. 

Today, the municipality is led by Mayor Angelo Emilio Aguinaldo. He is the great grand son of the former President. His namesake was certainly a thing that could pressure him, he was quite aware of it. Though with what leadership and service he provides his people, his personality is quite different. He was so humble and very shy with interviews. What's quite unquestionable is how he's loved by Kawiteños, I've seen their faces light up when talking about him and how they are all eager to share personal stories, experiences on how they were helped by him in one way or another, in their most trying times.

Since it's also Christmas, they hold events at the Aguinaldo Freedom Park where the bronze statue of the former President is located. It's on horseback, and quite massive to be seen by all. This lies in front of the famous Aguinaldo Shrine, where the country's first flag was raised. It was astounding to see the balcony or window immortalized in books and legal tender. While admiring that, we were toured inside the home, the original structure, same wood over a hundred years could tell tons of stories. 

The Kawit LGU has made this place light up in recent years. If you saw what I saw during the evening event, more than the lights they installed and fireworks, I was super surprised at the mere number of people who flocked the park. That place is huge, but Moms, friends, their whole families were in tow... with pure smiles on their faces. It was infectious, they fancied light installations set at different colors and speed. They also had lots of light tunnels where the kids run around and took lots of selfies. Various forms of Santa Claus, Butterflies, things that both the LGU and the Mayor wanted so people could celebrate in this place for FREE during the yuletide season. Same reason why even the nearby towns go to the Aguinaldo Freedom Park as well. Just take a look at the actual Aguinaldo Shrine at night, as they also lit up the place with a 3D projector. They were also mighty proud about their churches, I was honestly envious seeing all that!

Here's our interview with the Kawit, Cavite LGU. Meet Mayor Angelo Aguinaldo's Mother Konsehala Armie Aguinaldo, Konsehal Alvin Bunag, Municipal Administrator Engr. Rey Santos, and Kawit PIO Lead Mathew Juganas.

The Aguinaldo Freedom Park and Aguinaldo Shrine just looks so different at night!

They even have the finger heart, symbolizing their triple A goal of #AlagangAngeloAguinaldo, where one exudes Puso (heart) and Malasakit (concern for others).

Well loved Diocesan Shrine of St. Mary Magdalene, concert during the Kawit Christmas lighting ceremony with Kapuso Singer Nef Medina, various artists and Konsehala Armie Aguinaldo.

The very shy Mayor Angelo Emilio Aguinaldo, obliged us with an interview. He was very proud of his hometown, and wanted to make known how much of a destination this would be during the Christmas season.

I've seen the reason why they love the Mayor, he goes over and beyond what's expected of him. He knows his mandate, and makes sure every sense of the word "service" gets to the people of Kawit, Cavite. It's no surprise why "sana all" comments abound his FB page, because a LOT of people should be inspired by his story. I would have never thought about visiting Kawit in the past, but THIS has indeed change my mind. It's not just history, but its people that make this place GREAT!

If you want to see the display, it turns ON at around 6PM. They are extending hours til 12AM since it is already December. Thank you for the opportunity to see your beautiful place, and experience how kind people are in Kawit, Cavite. For your convenience, I have embedded a map so you can go there during holidays. Please enjoy!

Thank you Mayor Angelo and Ganiel!

Can't wait to see more of Kawit, Cavite soon!


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