TCL Philippines Works with TESDA to Encourage Healthy Food Consumption

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Promising to see how global electronics brand TCL Philippines has been working with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority in various efforts in food preparation and skills training at their TESTA Technology Institution centers in the National Capital Region. Recently, they donated units of the state of the art TCL AAT Inverter+ Refrigerators. They also added some training supplies for the center's trainees which will surely benefit more people in the long run.

Eric Li, TCL's Product Manager for Washign Machine and Refrigerators says "Our collaboration with TESDA hopefully inspires everyone. We are looking forward to work with more entities in the near future." They also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TESDA officials at the TCL Philippines Headquarters witnessed by stakeholders. TESDA actually trains individuals in food processing to equip them with skills to perhaps bring source of income for their families. July is also Nutrition Month, so it surely is perfect timing!

TCL produces home tech products and puts them at a reasonable price, and make sure it's environmentally friendly and easy to use.

TESDA is currently doing a lot of community based training, they promise to put it to good use and benefit a lot of individuals who go through their courses. TESDA was also represented by their Manila District Director Niña Connie G. Dodd. This is just the start of TCL's movement, and they hope to work with even more organizations in the years to come.

For more information about their CSR efforts, make sure to follow their social channels by searching for TCL Philippines on various platforms.


SANDARA PARK Set To Perform in Acer Day Concert

Acer Day is going to be more fun this year as they just announced one of the biggest plot twist in the history of their celebrations. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they actually got the one and only SANDARA PARK as part of their multitude of ambassadors.

From her humble beginnings in the Philippines joining Star Circle Quest, to tons of shows, movies made in the country, she left to train and become one of the biggest KPOP icons in the world. Just like her, Acer wishes for you to #AceYourWorld. This is also their theme this year as they release even bolder, innovative products that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a student, a professional, a creative person, Acer has a lot of solutions to make sure you ace that spot!

Acer Philippines will be holding the Acer Day Concert this coming August 6, 2023. For those who love Sarah Geronimo and popular loveteam DonBelle, this should be something that you shouldn't miss! Sandara actually will also be there to perform too, so if there's something that you shouldn't miss, it is Acer Day!

"Dara certainly fits our theme! Her lifestory, her struggles and wins is very inspiring!" says Ms. Sue Ong Lim the current GM of Acer Philippines.

If you want to know more about "Acer Day" make sure you follow Acer Philippines social channels and get access to the biggest celebration this side of the world!


Fontana and Goldwin Holdings Corporation Ink Partnership


It's been ages since we've covered something in the north, and this was well worth the trip because something big is about to happen at Fontana Leisure Parks. They just signed an MOU with Goldwin Holdings Corporation to develop and revamp the 302 hectare property.

The event was attended by Fontana's executives and Goldwin Holdings Corporation's head honchos MGen. Jesus Sarsagat the President of Goldwin Holdings Corporation, Michael Chul Kim the CEO of Goldwin Holdings Corporation, Mr. Shuiqing Wu the General Manager of Fontana and Ms. Vera Cheung, the owners representative from Fontana. Held at the Piano Bar, it was fun and festive to see guests from Manila, Korea and China raising their glasses just for this occasion. Folks from Fontana Leisure Parks welcomed us warmly despite the heavy rains that morning.

Here's some highlights of the event including their speech that day:

This became a reality because of their shared vision, and a promise of security from external issues that they may encounter in the coming years. They will be changing the whole look, renovate and re-design the Fontana Building complex so they could accommodate their clientele who are mostly VIP's. Aside from the aesthetics, they will also provide employment for hundreds of individuals who will be part of the property and its operations.

It's going to be a place of luxury, something that guests won't forget after their first visit. Goldwin Holdings CEO Michael Kim expressed his excitement about this partnership with Fontanta and thanked MGen. Jesus Sarsagat for their leadership, together with the men and women who made this amazing partnership possible.

This is just the start but it was well received by the business leaders, their employees and stakeholders. It holds a lot of promise, and I can't wait to see the new things that they plan to do with the property. Everyone raised their glasses and wished this partnership to flourish. You will see a different, more luxurious Fontana Leisure Park very soon!

This event was staged by Midnight Thinkers Productions, if you have events, launches, they can do it for you. You may get in touch with them via 0927- 898 54 50.


It's time to have that Dewberry Yogurt Cake

Don't want to make you crave at this hour, but I'm here to tell you that a Dewberry Yogurt Cake actually exists!

You loved their fruit jam and cream filled cookie sandwiches, and this time, they're taking it up a notch to make sure you enjoy three things you love, that's fruits, cake and yogurt! I personally love the strawberry variant, but I'm sure a lot of people also love the other blueberry variety.

It's available in supermarkets, groceries, sari-sari stores nationwide and only cost Php 82.10 a pack of 10 bars so really, there's no reason why you shouldn't indulge in one right now.

This product is made by the folks at Universal Robina Corporation (URC), same as Great Taste Coffee, C2 Cool and Clean, Jack n Jill, Piattos, Maxx, Cloud 9 (a personal favorite!), Magic Flakes and more! You may visit if you want to know more!


BALL LIKE A PANDA with foodpanda and NBA!

Spent the whole afternoon participating in one of many foodpanda and NBA activities last week, and it was nice to see how a lot of people were able to join in the fun whether on the court or on the sidelines. This is what they call Ball Like a Panda.

Since foodpanda is the official online food delivery platform of the NBA in the Philippines, they hosted several NBA tentpole events and promos where folks win NBA prizes and promos. This includes a trip to the US to watch an actual NBA game (this was last May) wherein JP Alejandro won. Aside from that, several NBA watch Pau-rties to enjoy food and fun with other ka-Pandas.

The Ball Like a Panda 3x3 Basketball tournament on the other hand was really the cherry on top. With celerities like Eric Eraption Tai, Juancho Trivino, Rayver Cruz, Prince Clemente, Wilbert Ross, Kuya Mikee Reyes joined real deal foodpanda riders John Alcanzo, Leonnel Baldo, Jeffrey Diaz, Jason Baldo in severa 3x3 games in Pasig. It was so much fun, especially with the UE Pep Squad cheering us all til the awarding ceremonies. Here's some highlights of the event on video, please enjoy!

Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation Celebrates Iconic 17th Anniversary

Saturday, July 29, 2023

It was a huge celebration last Wednesday, July 26th at the Metrotent in Pasig City as our friends from Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation celebrated their 17th Anniversary. It also coincided with the birthday of it's founder Ms. Rosell Taberna. For those who don't know, Outbox Media Production is a full service events and production company that does creative work, commercials, management of events, supply performers/talents, and does marketing and advertising solutions too. This was somewhat a showcase of what they could do and it was certainly cool that they had a concept ready, much of which is about ICONS.

Guests include a lot of their clientele, like private companies, private individuals, suppliers, brands, government offices, the media, a lot of their employees (Taberna Group of Companies) and a lot of their friends and family.  

Aside from that, they had guest from their church, and celebrities like Alfred Vargas, Rr Enriquez, Elijah Alejo, Esang, Charie Pineda, Diane Medina, Lala Sotto, Kathleen Hermosa, Ms. Ara Mina, and Jon Lucas.

Popular coffee/bake shop/restaurant "Ka Tunying's" is also celebrating their 8th year in the business. Despite a really challenging pandemic period, they managed to recoup the branches they lost (about 5) during that period. They now have a total of 7 branches in operation and quite happy about the current business conditions. They remain bullish despite it all.

Anthony Taberna also has a new digital news program which will start this August. Since a lot of his viewers prefer his live streams, this will be called "Tune In Kay Ka Tunying Live!" which will be seen bi monthly (on the 15th and 30th). It's going to be a rundown of the latest news that happened during that time period. You will be able to see it for a full hour (at 5PM before your primetime newscast on TV channels) so make sure you subscribe on his YouTube channel. Ka Tunying says "I'm really excited about this show because aside from current events, we'll be featuring people in stories along with the show. I plan to talk to business leaders, and it will be called "All Access", so you have a hand and learn about their stories on how they have succeeded in their line of business. We will also be featuring places, to help with tourism, plus several interviews with personalities which we will include on the show. One of the planned segments will be in a magazine format, to compress what we shoot in a week in about 10 minutes, so it's really difficult to shoot and produce. We have invested a lot, our own studio to make this all happen."

Here's our interview with Mr. and Mrs. T.

Mr. Anthony Taberna also lauded his wife on how she was able to do all these things, including managing and producing the show. Truth be told, she's like a workhorse, they even find her working in the wee hours of the morning. He says "I declare my admiration and love for her, on her work ethics, I just hope she takes good care of her health." Ms. Rosell replied "I've had a huge long break during the pandemic, and we're just working hard now that things are getting back to normal. Our kids are good, and happy, we are celebrating as one, we are all happy!"

Congratulations to Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation and the Taberna Group of Companies. Again, make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don't miss an episodes when it comes out!


34th Philippine Travel Mart Slated This September

Thursday, July 27, 2023

I know some of you haven't really had the time to go out and travel, but this is revenge travel year and the Philippine Tour Operators Association is about to.hold the 34th edition of Philippine Travel Mart at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. The annual affair houses over 300 exhibitors from around the country (that's 17 regions) which consists of hotels, resorts, agencies, tour operators and offices on September 1-3, 2023. If you're raring to find deals and tour packages to travel in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, this is the place to be in and book it on the spot!

As you know, there's a very strong demand for tours in Baguio, Boracay, Cebu, Palawan and places like Zamboanga, Quirino, Soccskargen so you've got a lot of places to discover.

The President of PhilTOA Ms. Fe Abling-Yu says "Thank you and good afternoon, in spite of the rain and road conditions you are all here. Your presence here today underscores the importance of support we need in the tourism and hospitality efforts in these challenging times. Now with great excitement, I am delighted to share with you the 34th Philippine Travel Mart. It's time to connect, our direction is to help the government to uplift the  tourism industry. Our thanks to the DOT, all the 16 regional offices across the nation. With the help of TPB, you will see them there. This industry gave us life, an industry to earn, and we are happy to say even local government units are happy to accept us as guests in their respective regions. We hope you find ways to help us take the message across to satisfy the Filipinos wunderlist especially this year."

Ms. Fe adds "The first row of pavilions will be done by DOT regional offices, and the 34th Philippine Travel Mart is a place you could see affordable tickets,  and cooperation from the DOT, TPB. Emerging destinations last year included the colors of Mindanao, apart from that, there's Borongan Samar where PAL will be flying too soon. Also in our mind is Marinduque, Romblon, Masbate, tons of properties that needed to be discovered."

The very passionate Ms. Maria Margarita Nograles the COO of TPB also says "Guests, media friends, good afternoon. As we continue to navigate the challenges in tourism, and as borders open, it is crucial to support our local businesses to engage with partners and suppliers. The Philippines has delightful experiences, scenic spots and rich cuisine for everyone. 3 Million tourism arrivals, local tourism surge is happening right now (almost 7 times) versus the same period last year. It creates employment for thousands of Filipinos. Our country is rich, and the Philippine Travel Mart is helping our tourism sector bounce back stronger. The TPB is fully committed to develop our tourism portfolio for both local and international tourists and is setting bigger goals for years to come. Thank you so much for your help PHILTOA, here's to the continued success for the upcoming 34th Philippine Trave Mart!"

Ms. Mary Ann Ong the 1st VP of PHILTOA says "We have 17 regions participate in the program by presenting their local talents, do games, plus presentations of our partners lime Philippine Airlines, and some new players in the market like Chroma Hospitality, Hotel 101 group, Dusit Davao, and DOT's new call called "The Filipino Brand of Wellness" which will also be featured there."

She also talked about the new logo of Philippine Travel Mart which showcase the colors of the ASEAN. There are a lot of things lined up in the program and it will be announced a week or two before the date so stay tuned for that!

PHILTOA 2nd Vice President Arjun Shroff says "The annual Travel Mart has invigorated the industry. Hotels, airlines, tour agencies has taken advantage of servicing more Filipinos through this and this year is going to be bigger than ever before. From vibrant cities, activities, all designed to make people have unforgettable adventures, to offer something for everyone. 7600 ways to LOVE THE PHILIPPINES, to be wowed, have fun, and the best destinations will be offered on the event. Make sure you're there on September!"

The 34th Philippine Travel Mart media launch was also attended by PhilTOA stakeholders, board members, hoteliers, people from TPB, the Department of Tourism, Philippine Airlines, media outlets, bloggers and influencers. If you want to know more about the event, visit their official website and their social channels @philtravelmart on FB and IG. 

Tara travel na!


Ashley Ortega and Khalil Ramos Talk About Professionalism On Screen and Real Relationships


It's been a while since we talked to Khalil Ramos and Ashley Ortega. I interviewed them in different projects and yes, it's high time they get together in a project, and in this instance, it's Cinemalaya. Their entry this year is called "As If It's True", directed by John Rogers under the great folks of The IdeaFirst Company.

It's much of a Gen Z story where social media, content creation, influencer marketing is the name of the game. A relationship brews between Gemma Watson and James (a struggling musician). As Khalil mentions, it discusses relationships  and those that can be shown as real, or happening just for clout and exploitation.

This is certainly exciting for Ashley Ortega's career as she just came off the highly successful series "Hearts on Ice" which she did with Xian Lim. Though she feels a lot of pressure to do better, she's optimistic to do a project with Khalil since Gabbi and Ashley pretty much started in showbiz at the same time. They've been friends for a while which she feels would be advantageous for the things they would need to do in the film. There will be some sort of a romantic flick ingredient here ala "American Pie" but it'll be different, a little depressing at situations; quite different and will be in a Filipino setting. Here's our mediacon earlier on video, please, enjoy!

Khalil will also be starring in "Tick Tick Boom" under 9 Works Theatrical Production. This is his debut in theatre, and has been a learning experience for him because things are being done differently. He was matched with the role of Jon because of his very artistic vibe. Show happens August 5-27 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium - RCBC Theater. 

These are just some of the awesome achievements of Sparkle artists Khalil and Ashley, but I'm sure there will be more. If you already enjoyed their previous shows, movies and projects, it'll be a good thing to consume this new movie and theatre project from the two. I'm quite optimistic about what's happening with Ashley since this is pretty much, her second serving of a lead role. Khalil on the other hand has also been very busy with projects (and really thankful for it). When I asked about getting some negative opinions online, he also hopes his situation with Gabbi would be a good measure of what should happen when an actor has a real relationship while being paired with other actors on screen. Strictly professional.


Alfred Vargas Shares Struggles and Fitness Journey

Sunday, July 23, 2023

It must have been so hard for Alfred Vargas to have gained weight over time especially with, causing him to have lower self esteem and depression. As an actor, he was always seen being that guy who had over and beyond machismo, huge muscles when he was still making movies back in the day. He admitted this on one of the videos on his YouTube channel. The councilor for the 5th District of Quezon City admits "It was something that I didn't know I would go through, but in one morning, when I looked in the mirror... I just said I didn't know who I was when I got to 251 lbs. It was a wake up call, people started to call me Tito when they approached me. I didn't know it was getting worse, so I decided to change and do it not for vanity or projects, but for my kids, my family, so I could live longer for them."

He adds "I've lost a lot of weight, from 251, I am now 201 lbs. It's been 3 years, I've documented my struggles as well on my YouTube channel. I decided to share a few things that made me lose weight, plus a few things like parkour with the help of Ms. Kate Robles. She's a single mom that had the same problem as me. With our coach Raven Cruz, we've started to share how we were able to do it."

The series is called "Vargas Tries, pwede? pwede!". He also gets Cong. PM Vargas in some episodes. What's good is that fans and subscribers can ask them questions or request, even do odd jobs just to try it out. He's also going share what he learns about it. A new episode will be uploaded every 2 weeks, and pretty soon it'll become a weekly thing.

So make sure you head on to Alfred Vargas' YouTube channel here (, start subscribing, like and share!


POPS FERNANDEZ Hosts "For The Love" on TV5

Saturday, July 22, 2023

It's not Valentine's season, but that doesn't mean we can't indulge in stories of love designed with some of your favorite OPM hits. These are some of your favorite music pieces that we all fell in love when they came out. This show also will be featuring several stories meant to pull those heartstrings, some sad, some with a happy ending.

The story will also include some of your favorite actors, love teams, of which were also there during the show's mediacon a few days ago. The roster includes Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo, Bea Binene (who will be paired with Gab Lagman), Krissha Viaje and Wilbert Ross, plus the previously paired (in different shows) Jairus Aquino and Aubrey Caraan (who I found so lovely by the way!).

I find Heaven and Marco really endearing during the presser, and while we were talking about love and serious stuff, they've been pressed a lot of times about the status of their relationship. I got the notion that they didn't really have a label but rather just enjoy what they have right now. Marco was also quite serious about courtship, because the thing he wanted is for that certain person to be the one he plans to marry, and I really am impressed with that answer. Bea on the other hand didn't want to touch on her previous relationships and just concentrate on the now, whilst Jairus is certainly a different man now if you compare him during his younger days. This isn't the first time he's being paired with Aubrey but things went smoothly. Aubrey on the other hand is a person that's NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), so when asked about how she connected with the love songs, she got a little nervous answering questions from the press. They look so cute on screen and in real life though!

Here's what happened during the event!

For those who love hearing Ms. Pops Fernandez sing, this is the opportune time to actually watch the show. She will be singing the different songs from Viva's music library and put her little spin on it so it'll be amazing to see that during the episodes. Remember, this will all start on July 29th 3:20pm on TV5. It's going to be a great time to fall in love, and listen to the music we love all these years! This is brought to you by TV5 and Viva Entertainment. Make sure you also follow their social channels for BTS and updates about the show! 

Congratulations Ms. Pops!


Globe Launches GFiber Prepaid: Because They Know, "Kaya Mo Yan!"

Friday, July 21, 2023

It's certainly a good day to actually see innovation right before our eyes. At the Globe Tower this morning, Globe Telecommunications Inc. announced the launch of a new product called GFiber Prepaid. It's the most affordable, accessible, fast and reliable internet connection from their group that can be availed with a prepaid line. You can order this through the Globe One app by downloading it off the Google Play store and choosing GFiber on the offers listed (costs Php 1499 upfront for the modem-router). To those who are still procrastinating of getting a second line like me, this is certainly perfect because the documents you need to present... are non existent, no actual tie ups with the service provider, as long as you do load it up without expiring in 6 months, then you're good.

They also have it in 30mbps with unlimited data and the thing you need to choose is the duration. For Php 299, you can get unlimited data for 7 days, for Php 649 you can do the same for 15 days, and for Php 999 (my personal choice) you get unlimited data for 30 days, which is very affordable if you compare it with mobile data or the usual postpaid lines from other providers. This was a well thought out execution of what to offer Filipinos because they really did think about the hindrances in getting internet connection in the country. With this, it's going to change a lot of things especially in homes, small offices and businesses around the country. 

They taught us how fiber optic connections work, think of it as light containing data that travels fast inside a fiber. They split it up for other users and efficiently does the job its supposed to do. They also showed some clips they use to terminate a line and connect as an injector to boxes outside and at home. Here's some scenes from this morning's event!


Globe CEO Ernest Cu says "We here at Globe support your digital lifestyle and we hope this democratizes access to fiber especially in this market. For studies, business, entertainment, all at home we prefer fiber. In this new reality, we strive to bring game changing products and having fiber at home is such a better choice in service. When we allowed GCash do financial services and democratized it through the app, we want to make sure people can afford the services and enjoy what we offer in Globe. Up to 60 percent of households still don't have internet connection, because most could not afford it. They don't want to be held in a contract, and people want that flexibility. This is our business, aimed to uplift Filipino lives. This is why making this accessible is important. People need wifi, data, have it installed and give commissions to agents. Removing this and offer at an attractive price point, we are introducing GFiber Prepaid!"

Thanks to Ms. Nicole Paler who got a shot of us during the event!

There was a part of the event where I was able to talk with the host Ms. Neri Naig about my experience using the Globe GFiber Prepaid line. Installation was fast, even if I rescheduled it because I had an event on the date that I initially decided on. They were even at my home early and asked my availability if it was okay to install it lunch time. I also got to talk about the speed because out of the several days I tested, it was constantly around 29-31 mbps, which they promised to be at 30, quite impressive. I may have just found my ideal backup line that doesn't break the bank and does work when I need it.

You may be thinking of getting a fiber line for your home, your small business, your TikTok family member, or online selling business, this works great, affordable and I can even play a few games when I'm not doing any work. Go try the new GFiber Prepaid today and take advantage of fast speeds it could give you without going over budget. Those kids learning at home actually need this most, so they don't suffer from the shortcomings of mobile data.

I'm still using mine, and you should try it out (they check if there are lines available in your area too!). Yes, kaya mo now!


KIRAY CELIS, KUYA KIM Help Globe Warn Customers of SIM REGISTRATION Deadline

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Just got out of the press conference of the Globe Sim Registration ads as they announced the celebrities that are going to be in it. In previous ones, they had Gretchen Fullido, Edu Manzano, Sophie Reyes, Gillian Vicencio (Globe of Good Ambassador), among others.

For those who don't know, if you haven't registered your sim card, it will be deactivated and also cannot be used with your GCash transactions. This will be a really big problem if you are doing transactions, when you don't get to register, it will be gone forever.

Liza Reyes the Head of Globe's Media Strategies hosted the event. Ms. Yoly Crisanto, Globe's Corporate Communications Group Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer says "Thank you for being here, we are now down to 5 last days of sim registration in the country. Why are we doing a presscon? This is last ditch effort for our customers to really register your sim cards, there will be no extensions after July 25. This is important because your SIM will be deactivated when you don't register it on that date. We thank the government offices for helping us in those extensions, but we only have over 47.4 Million customers that have registered, that's about 97 percent of our active base. We are happy about the extension, especially after the turnout. We are now just after those who have not been able to register yet, those who are waiting for the last day, we don't want you to be disenfranchised. This isn't a joke, you can no longer use your phone service, otherwise, you have to buy a new sim and register that too. In our research, some of our countrymen are not aware of the deadline, we need to make everyone aware that they get to register phones, tablets, modems, all of it should be registered. We have the portal, gcash, Globe One app and a lot of other things done in the past few months containing the instructions, we also have the Globe stores available for those who want to have their sims registered. I hope this urges everyone to register now."

Then the new ambassadors from Globe who will be pushing for the registrations was also announced. They are Kiray Celis and Kuya Kim Atienza. You can go the Globe One app, or the website to start the process. Remember, they won't be extending anymore.

Kiray Celis says "I am the real one, not the fake retouched one. If ever there will be something that would get me more height, I think that's better. I am happy that I am part of this extraordinary campaign. If someone steals your account, you won't be able to prove your identitiy because you didn't register your account. Use your student ID's if you are still a student, just use your Globe One app or the mentioned website earlier to register your sim. Thank you Globe for helping making socials a safe space, I am ready for your questions. See you later!"

She adds "By the way, for those who have seniors or people who don't know how to access the internet at home, please help them to register their sim cards because it's important. We cannot just leave them behind, they need it too to contact family, friends."

Kuya Kim says "There was an identity theft that I experienced in the past, I really wanted to emphasize how you need to have your digital identity be tied up with your mobile phone number. I hope Globe continues to get people to register their numbers with Globe, TM, Globe At Home Devices, time to #SIMRegNaTayo!"

Givielle Florida of Globe Prepaid says "Globe has registered 47.4 Million customers as of July 19th. This is a collaborative effort of their partners, the government, bulk registrations for corporatet clients and those that need help in Globe stores. In order to intensify the campaign, they are opening their 800 centers nationwide. The importance of sim registration also means they are working with GCash in financial inclusion, you are reminded to register today not for compliance, but for you to have safe access to records today. Here's a bigger, brighter digital space for everyone!"

I guess it's clear, not to really scare you, but if you will not register your sim cards, there will be repercussions and we wouldn't want to do that right? Remember, it will only be until July 25, 2023. No more excuses after that!


KPMG Innovation Summit 2023

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. is holding the 3rd INNOVATION SUMMIT this coming July 20 through zoom sessions. In it, they're going to discuss topics about building and maintaining Smart Cities, ESG Technology (Environmental, Social and Governance) plus more about the Next Wave of Automation and Industry Disruptors. Invited speakers include technology, business and government leaders who have experience in implementing these plans and policies and will be available for stakeholders for FREE.

This would certainly be beneficial for industry stakeholders to learn from their years of experience, plus real life strategies that you can implement in your own side of the woods. This would also be best for those who are in startups, or those who plan to be game changers in their own industries.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte will be the key note speaker, to perhaps tell more of her city's success stories. Several panel discussions on Smart Cities, ESG Tech, Automation, Experienced Leaders in Tech, plus the Global Tech Innovator Competition PH Finals. Look at the roster of speakers here!

If you wish to be part of this movement or join in to learn, you may register here through QR code:

KPMG PH Vice Chairman and COO and Head of Advisory Emmanuel Bonoan will also be there to lead the event. Also in the sessions will be government leaders DICT Undersecretary David Almirol, DBM Undersecretary Maria Francesca Del Rosario, Mr. Ernesto Herrera of City Infrastructures, League of Cities Ma. Veronica Jose and Aboitiz's COO for Smart Cities Alvin Ng. It's going to be a huge learning experience for those attending, make sure you're part of it!

SB19, Sarah Geronimo, DonBelle, Acer Encourages You to #AceYourWorld on their 20th Year

Monday, July 17, 2023

People have certainly been looking forward to Acer Day every year, and 2023 is no different. They've got a lineup of activities prepared including huge promos on Acer products, and a full on concert that is slated this coming August 6 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

This is extra special for Acer Philippines as this is their 20th year in the country. They want you to #AceYourWorld, a movement to empower and motivate you to reach your dreams to fulfill your full potential and make a mark in this world. Acer products are designed for students, executives and professionals and these new line of products from the lines of Aspire Vero, Swift Go Evo, Predator Helios Neo, Acer Nitro 5, Acerpure Air + Clean, TravelMate Vero would fit right in their lifestyle. They actually have a lot more products which you could see in their and partner stores.   

Acer is also launching the #AceYourWorld Video Challenge where you get to share your stories, accomplishments, where you could showcase how you were able to overcome obstacles. Top 3 videos will then be featured on their official website and get to win an Acer Swift Go laptop. To join, you should make a short video introduction telling the challenges you encountered and how you were able to overcome it. You should take the next step to inspire others and encourage people to ace their day. This would certainly be a good place to start, because it could be the channel to inspire more people about your story. Make sure to follow their social channels to know more about it as it will be announced in the next few months.

Hopefully, winning the Acer laptops could more so improve your lives and make you even more adept to do good work, make a positive impact and inspire more people too.

The concert on August 6th will include performances by Acer ambassadors pop royalty Sarah Geronimo, hearthrob Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. This will be a momentous event as a planned collaboration with Sarah G and SB19 is rumored to be part of it, and they'll release it on digital music platforms afterwards.

Follow @AcerPH on social channels and see for more details, this will be big!


KORINA INTERVIEWS: Dental Diva Kakai Bautista

She's the Dental Diva, a very well known talented singer, comedienne and actress at that, she's Kakai Bautista. Her interesting story will be featured in Ms. Kornina Sanchez-Roxas' show "Korina Interviews" which will be shown Sundays 5PM on NET25.

Kakai says "I've been bullied because I was poor, and grew up as an ugly duckling. I learned to know the things I could and couldn't change. I wouldn't be able to change the shape of my teeth, but I know how gorgeous my eyes are. I didn't have toys when I was a kid, so I got plants, wood and thread to make one. I had to make my own, and ended up being envied by other kids because of it. I always made ways to survive and it has been my motto in life."

She was an ordinary woman who did Lea Salonga's wardrobe in theatre and Korina Sanchez handpicked her story among others because of how interesting her story is. Being bullied and poverty stricken in the past, a lot of people would learn about her story. In it, she's going to tell more about bullying, and controversial things she's encounterred on social media. Something you shouldn't miss!

Again, make sure you watch Korina Interviews on NET25 right after Goodwill. It starts at 5PM.


Winning Prize and Shield: The Predator League 2024 Philippine Qualifiers

We've been covering the Predator League for years now and for a while, they've been gone because of the pandemic. This year, they're really raring to go and even extending the whole thing into lands unchartered and putting out a whopping Php 1 Million prize plus the coveted Predator Shield in games of Dota 2 and Valorant. Who will win this remains to be seen.

Young and undiscovered talents have been benefiting from this, imagine 15,000 teams battling it out to represent the country in the Asia Pacific Predator League. From the Qualifiers, to the Group stage and the Finals, this is going to be one tough year. In the country alone, they will have one in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, plus another one in the NCR. That spot certainly will be something that they'd wish to have especially with the prizes at state for them. These important matches will be livestreamed too so you all will be able to cheer for your favorite teams. Once the champion of DOTA 2 and Valorant gets crowned, they get the prize and the shield, including the runner ups, and will be able to represent the Philippines in the big league. That's an honor any team would love right?

The Grand Finals will be early 2024 so stay tuned for more announcements soon. Follow PredatorGamingPhilippines on Facebook or their website because it will all be there!