BILIB: Meet The Newest PPOP Boy Group from AQ Prime Music

Monday, July 10, 2023

Looks like AQ Prime Music is getting their hands wet in the PPOP scene with the newest and hottest boy group called BILIB. We met them at the recent media launch in Quezon City. Members Zio, Carlo, Rafael, RC, Yukito, Jmac and Clyde had us glued to our seat with their performance on stage. They're quite spirited dancers and no doubt, their vocals are quite effective. First impressions: they actually feel and look expensive and perhaps can battle existing PPOP boy groups in the entertainment scene today, but I think they've got something else in mind. They'd rather become part of the movement that would raise the PPOP scene we have internationally.  Tall order, but it was refreshing to hear that from these boys and their management as much of them have been inspired by the work of successful group SB19.

To give us a taste of what they offer, they performed their debut single "Kabanata"

@kumagcow Performing live for you is newest PPOP boy group BILIB with their debut single called #KABANATA #ppoprise #ppop #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter

The group has been training for almost 2 years and as talked about during the event, it wasn't an easy thing to do especially because they had 7 individuals with different personalities that had to work together. Living under one roof to practice everyday got to where they are in terms of skills, but it also got them to grow even closer as friends, even as brothers today.

Here's our interview with BILIB that evening, please enjoy!

BILIB certainly has a lot to offer. Their recent music video was also amazing, one could say it has been really the handy work of several creatives to make sure they put out something good for the Filipinos and international audience that they plan to showcase this to. In the coming weeks, they also plan to put out the name of their fandom but wanted their fans to become part of the process of choosing it. 

That tells a lot about the process that these guys go through in making music, how to execute their plans for fashion, style and visuals (because they've been so good at it!). I hope they would be able to continue what they've shown us in the event in the upcoming performances they plan to do (I heard several guestings and a concert with other PPOP artists are in the works). So if you're raring to support them, make sure you follow AQ Prime Music's assets because BILIB is just starting. Imagine what they're going to be in the coming months, years, in their aim to inspire YOU with their dance and music!

Congratulations boys! You're doing amazing!


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