Globe Launches GFiber Prepaid: Because They Know, "Kaya Mo Yan!"

Friday, July 21, 2023

It's certainly a good day to actually see innovation right before our eyes. At the Globe Tower this morning, Globe Telecommunications Inc. announced the launch of a new product called GFiber Prepaid. It's the most affordable, accessible, fast and reliable internet connection from their group that can be availed with a prepaid line. You can order this through the Globe One app by downloading it off the Google Play store and choosing GFiber on the offers listed (costs Php 1499 upfront for the modem-router). To those who are still procrastinating of getting a second line like me, this is certainly perfect because the documents you need to present... are non existent, no actual tie ups with the service provider, as long as you do load it up without expiring in 6 months, then you're good.

They also have it in 30mbps with unlimited data and the thing you need to choose is the duration. For Php 299, you can get unlimited data for 7 days, for Php 649 you can do the same for 15 days, and for Php 999 (my personal choice) you get unlimited data for 30 days, which is very affordable if you compare it with mobile data or the usual postpaid lines from other providers. This was a well thought out execution of what to offer Filipinos because they really did think about the hindrances in getting internet connection in the country. With this, it's going to change a lot of things especially in homes, small offices and businesses around the country. 

They taught us how fiber optic connections work, think of it as light containing data that travels fast inside a fiber. They split it up for other users and efficiently does the job its supposed to do. They also showed some clips they use to terminate a line and connect as an injector to boxes outside and at home. Here's some scenes from this morning's event!


Globe CEO Ernest Cu says "We here at Globe support your digital lifestyle and we hope this democratizes access to fiber especially in this market. For studies, business, entertainment, all at home we prefer fiber. In this new reality, we strive to bring game changing products and having fiber at home is such a better choice in service. When we allowed GCash do financial services and democratized it through the app, we want to make sure people can afford the services and enjoy what we offer in Globe. Up to 60 percent of households still don't have internet connection, because most could not afford it. They don't want to be held in a contract, and people want that flexibility. This is our business, aimed to uplift Filipino lives. This is why making this accessible is important. People need wifi, data, have it installed and give commissions to agents. Removing this and offer at an attractive price point, we are introducing GFiber Prepaid!"

Thanks to Ms. Nicole Paler who got a shot of us during the event!

There was a part of the event where I was able to talk with the host Ms. Neri Naig about my experience using the Globe GFiber Prepaid line. Installation was fast, even if I rescheduled it because I had an event on the date that I initially decided on. They were even at my home early and asked my availability if it was okay to install it lunch time. I also got to talk about the speed because out of the several days I tested, it was constantly around 29-31 mbps, which they promised to be at 30, quite impressive. I may have just found my ideal backup line that doesn't break the bank and does work when I need it.

You may be thinking of getting a fiber line for your home, your small business, your TikTok family member, or online selling business, this works great, affordable and I can even play a few games when I'm not doing any work. Go try the new GFiber Prepaid today and take advantage of fast speeds it could give you without going over budget. Those kids learning at home actually need this most, so they don't suffer from the shortcomings of mobile data.

I'm still using mine, and you should try it out (they check if there are lines available in your area too!). Yes, kaya mo now!


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