POPS FERNANDEZ Hosts "For The Love" on TV5

Saturday, July 22, 2023

It's not Valentine's season, but that doesn't mean we can't indulge in stories of love designed with some of your favorite OPM hits. These are some of your favorite music pieces that we all fell in love when they came out. This show also will be featuring several stories meant to pull those heartstrings, some sad, some with a happy ending.

The story will also include some of your favorite actors, love teams, of which were also there during the show's mediacon a few days ago. The roster includes Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo, Bea Binene (who will be paired with Gab Lagman), Krissha Viaje and Wilbert Ross, plus the previously paired (in different shows) Jairus Aquino and Aubrey Caraan (who I found so lovely by the way!).

I find Heaven and Marco really endearing during the presser, and while we were talking about love and serious stuff, they've been pressed a lot of times about the status of their relationship. I got the notion that they didn't really have a label but rather just enjoy what they have right now. Marco was also quite serious about courtship, because the thing he wanted is for that certain person to be the one he plans to marry, and I really am impressed with that answer. Bea on the other hand didn't want to touch on her previous relationships and just concentrate on the now, whilst Jairus is certainly a different man now if you compare him during his younger days. This isn't the first time he's being paired with Aubrey but things went smoothly. Aubrey on the other hand is a person that's NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), so when asked about how she connected with the love songs, she got a little nervous answering questions from the press. They look so cute on screen and in real life though!

Here's what happened during the event!

For those who love hearing Ms. Pops Fernandez sing, this is the opportune time to actually watch the show. She will be singing the different songs from Viva's music library and put her little spin on it so it'll be amazing to see that during the episodes. Remember, this will all start on July 29th 3:20pm on TV5. It's going to be a great time to fall in love, and listen to the music we love all these years! This is brought to you by TV5 and Viva Entertainment. Make sure you also follow their social channels for BTS and updates about the show! 

Congratulations Ms. Pops!


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