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Thursday, July 06, 2023

Today seems a good day to have a fine voice and remain fruity. Our friends from Difflam lozenges bare good news about a recent clinical study done by University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center showing how the antiseptic throat lozenges alleviated sore throat done on COVID-19 patients. This study was led by Dr. Jennifer Nailes the VP for Research together with a team of medical experts and was done on infected Filipino COVID-19 patients who had sore throats. 

Jason Carroll the Managing Director of iNova Pharmaceuticals says "Difflam has been the most doctor prescribed sore throat brand in the Philippines and today in clinical studies with experts in their fields ensure consumers who suffer sore throat pains be taken cared of in this time of a different normal. We hope Difflam can make you pursue your best, welcome to this session."

Dr. Ramon Jason Javier one of the Clinical Investigators presented the paper and says "This research was funded by iNova and hopes to identify the time of total resolution of throat pain in COVID-19 patients. It must have fast action and prolonged sustained effect with the use of over the counter Benzydamine + Cetylpyridiun or Difflam lozenges for patients 12-60 years old. All patients were consulted with their attending doctors through appointments or telemedicine sessions. Patients were instructed to take 1 every 1-2 hours, max 12 per day for 7 days along with prescription medicines. They were instructed to take it until time of no recurrence of odaynophagia. These were 146 subjects, of where 96% of them were also vaccinated, 76.2% of which have no comorbidities. Much of them didn't experience sore throat on the 5th day, of which some getting relief as early as 60 minutes similar with the Difflam Gargle Study."

The gist of this is shorter duration of symptoms, leading to you having less pain, less days in confinement, to eventually go back to normal which is important at this day and age. It's effective, safe and manufactured well (quality). This is an important medical update people should know especially that it has evolved since ECQ was enforced, the vaccine development has been also fast, but we still need to be vigilant, to stay safe, while we do minimum health standards and relax a bit and keep our lifestyle in check every day.

Check out Difflam's social channels for more information about their campaign and see how you can see the Diff and feel the Diff in your home.


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