KORINA INTERVIEWS: Dental Diva Kakai Bautista

Monday, July 17, 2023

She's the Dental Diva, a very well known talented singer, comedienne and actress at that, she's Kakai Bautista. Her interesting story will be featured in Ms. Kornina Sanchez-Roxas' show "Korina Interviews" which will be shown Sundays 5PM on NET25.

Kakai says "I've been bullied because I was poor, and grew up as an ugly duckling. I learned to know the things I could and couldn't change. I wouldn't be able to change the shape of my teeth, but I know how gorgeous my eyes are. I didn't have toys when I was a kid, so I got plants, wood and thread to make one. I had to make my own, and ended up being envied by other kids because of it. I always made ways to survive and it has been my motto in life."

She was an ordinary woman who did Lea Salonga's wardrobe in theatre and Korina Sanchez handpicked her story among others because of how interesting her story is. Being bullied and poverty stricken in the past, a lot of people would learn about her story. In it, she's going to tell more about bullying, and controversial things she's encounterred on social media. Something you shouldn't miss!

Again, make sure you watch Korina Interviews on NET25 right after Goodwill. It starts at 5PM.


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