BLACKLIST INTERNATIONAL Now Part of Greenwich Barkada

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

I was extremely excited to attend this event today, I'm a big fan of Blacklist International and proud of what they have accomplished in the eGames scene. We met them over pizza, Greenwich Pizza that is as they launched their own BLACKLIST OVERLOAD BUNDLE which will be available in stores nationwide. 

Members Yue, Renejay, Edward, Owl, Wise and Queen OhMyV33nus was a joy to talk to, they were equally excited to see this partnership flourish and have their fans have some of their Greenwich favorites while playing MLBB games inside their homes. This is also the first time I'm meeting them in person. I've learned to use Estes and got the Blacklist International skin because of them and proud too of how they represented the country in various international tournaments. I love their V33Wise vlogs especially those sweet moments surface with OhMyV33nus and WiseGaming are screaming and streaming during the matches too.

The Blacklist Overload Bundle includes cult favorite 9 inch Overload Creations Roast Beef and Cream Cheese (or Hawaiian), 2 Lasagna Supreme Chicken Combo which you can buy for Php 595 (Saving you Php 198) and gets you a limited edition Blacklist International photocard and is available in 6 versions, so really, this is a big deal for Blacklist fans worldwide!

Go head on nearby branches to get them today!


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