Alfred Vargas Shares Struggles and Fitness Journey

Sunday, July 23, 2023

It must have been so hard for Alfred Vargas to have gained weight over time especially with, causing him to have lower self esteem and depression. As an actor, he was always seen being that guy who had over and beyond machismo, huge muscles when he was still making movies back in the day. He admitted this on one of the videos on his YouTube channel. The councilor for the 5th District of Quezon City admits "It was something that I didn't know I would go through, but in one morning, when I looked in the mirror... I just said I didn't know who I was when I got to 251 lbs. It was a wake up call, people started to call me Tito when they approached me. I didn't know it was getting worse, so I decided to change and do it not for vanity or projects, but for my kids, my family, so I could live longer for them."

He adds "I've lost a lot of weight, from 251, I am now 201 lbs. It's been 3 years, I've documented my struggles as well on my YouTube channel. I decided to share a few things that made me lose weight, plus a few things like parkour with the help of Ms. Kate Robles. She's a single mom that had the same problem as me. With our coach Raven Cruz, we've started to share how we were able to do it."

The series is called "Vargas Tries, pwede? pwede!". He also gets Cong. PM Vargas in some episodes. What's good is that fans and subscribers can ask them questions or request, even do odd jobs just to try it out. He's also going share what he learns about it. A new episode will be uploaded every 2 weeks, and pretty soon it'll become a weekly thing.

So make sure you head on to Alfred Vargas' YouTube channel here (, start subscribing, like and share!


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