Ashley Ortega and Khalil Ramos Talk About Professionalism On Screen and Real Relationships

Thursday, July 27, 2023


It's been a while since we talked to Khalil Ramos and Ashley Ortega. I interviewed them in different projects and yes, it's high time they get together in a project, and in this instance, it's Cinemalaya. Their entry this year is called "As If It's True", directed by John Rogers under the great folks of The IdeaFirst Company.

It's much of a Gen Z story where social media, content creation, influencer marketing is the name of the game. A relationship brews between Gemma Watson and James (a struggling musician). As Khalil mentions, it discusses relationships  and those that can be shown as real, or happening just for clout and exploitation.

This is certainly exciting for Ashley Ortega's career as she just came off the highly successful series "Hearts on Ice" which she did with Xian Lim. Though she feels a lot of pressure to do better, she's optimistic to do a project with Khalil since Gabbi and Ashley pretty much started in showbiz at the same time. They've been friends for a while which she feels would be advantageous for the things they would need to do in the film. There will be some sort of a romantic flick ingredient here ala "American Pie" but it'll be different, a little depressing at situations; quite different and will be in a Filipino setting. Here's our mediacon earlier on video, please, enjoy!

Khalil will also be starring in "Tick Tick Boom" under 9 Works Theatrical Production. This is his debut in theatre, and has been a learning experience for him because things are being done differently. He was matched with the role of Jon because of his very artistic vibe. Show happens August 5-27 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium - RCBC Theater. 

These are just some of the awesome achievements of Sparkle artists Khalil and Ashley, but I'm sure there will be more. If you already enjoyed their previous shows, movies and projects, it'll be a good thing to consume this new movie and theatre project from the two. I'm quite optimistic about what's happening with Ashley since this is pretty much, her second serving of a lead role. Khalil on the other hand has also been very busy with projects (and really thankful for it). When I asked about getting some negative opinions online, he also hopes his situation with Gabbi would be a good measure of what should happen when an actor has a real relationship while being paired with other actors on screen. Strictly professional.


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