Fontana and Goldwin Holdings Corporation Ink Partnership

Sunday, July 30, 2023


It's been ages since we've covered something in the north, and this was well worth the trip because something big is about to happen at Fontana Leisure Parks. They just signed an MOU with Goldwin Holdings Corporation to develop and revamp the 302 hectare property.

The event was attended by Fontana's executives and Goldwin Holdings Corporation's head honchos MGen. Jesus Sarsagat the President of Goldwin Holdings Corporation, Michael Chul Kim the CEO of Goldwin Holdings Corporation, Mr. Shuiqing Wu the General Manager of Fontana and Ms. Vera Cheung, the owners representative from Fontana. Held at the Piano Bar, it was fun and festive to see guests from Manila, Korea and China raising their glasses just for this occasion. Folks from Fontana Leisure Parks welcomed us warmly despite the heavy rains that morning.

Here's some highlights of the event including their speech that day:

This became a reality because of their shared vision, and a promise of security from external issues that they may encounter in the coming years. They will be changing the whole look, renovate and re-design the Fontana Building complex so they could accommodate their clientele who are mostly VIP's. Aside from the aesthetics, they will also provide employment for hundreds of individuals who will be part of the property and its operations.

It's going to be a place of luxury, something that guests won't forget after their first visit. Goldwin Holdings CEO Michael Kim expressed his excitement about this partnership with Fontanta and thanked MGen. Jesus Sarsagat for their leadership, together with the men and women who made this amazing partnership possible.

This is just the start but it was well received by the business leaders, their employees and stakeholders. It holds a lot of promise, and I can't wait to see the new things that they plan to do with the property. Everyone raised their glasses and wished this partnership to flourish. You will see a different, more luxurious Fontana Leisure Park very soon!

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