Monday, July 03, 2023

I don't know what it is about this particular media conference, but after covering Sarah Geronimo for a couple of years now, this has been one of the most bubbly instances we've seen her. She was nervous before the announcement and while she talked to Matteo about being part of Sun Life, he said she just had to be herself... and I think that's why she was phenomenal telling us about her financial journey. She's also so glad to be doing this with her husband because they were like a team on stage, like highschool sweethearts telling stories, finishing each others sentences.

Her campaign was called "Partners for Life!", fitting, especially if a person is looking for someone who would help her achieve financial goals. She's been very good at it even before getting married, and even more now that she's part of Sun Life's ambassadors. They also talked about the businesses they're in like a production company, management and a studio owner in the south of Manila.

Here's the moment when they introduced her, please pardon the shot because there was just a huge pillow of smoke because of the smoke machines on stage.

Ms. Carla Gonzalez-Chong the Sun Life Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer said it was quite an easy choice to do because Sarah had the same values as their company. She's very passionate about her own goals and futhering their campaign in financial literacy. She knows how important it is which is why she's a great example for those who are starting out their families, or professionals who have been so busy with work, and need that extra security when they get sick, or taking care of their families.

There will be several videos that will be released soon on what their dynamics are as partners for life, showing how they are supporting each other while they go through everyday life. Matteo was so giddy telling us about the little things that Sarah does at home. She cooks, bakes really good croissants and bakes good Tres Leches cake on special occasions.

The videos will be shown on TV, Sun Life's social channels and surely, it'll be out soon so for those AshMatt fans out there, you'll love what's about to come! Hopefully to teach you a thing or two about managing your finances too.


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