Celebrate 20 Years of TOYCON PH!

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

If you're a toy collector and live in the Southeast Asian region, there's certainly one event that you should look forward to go to in the Philippines. They're celebrating their 20th year, TOYCON PH, the longest existing pop culture event in the Philippines.

From its humble beginnings of just a single a room, it now is being held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila with all sorts of toy brands showcasing their wares for toy lovers everywhere! This includes exclusive toys that will be released just on this occasion courtesy of toy designers from the region and the US. These limited edition TOYCON items won't be seen anywhere but here, so if you're seriously considering getting them, come to the show.

Brands like Funko, Lego, Bandai, Hot Toys, Pop Mart, JoyToy, tons of others are going to be seen in the event plus exclusive releases of Quiccs, Wetworks, Creaon Chknhead, Arman Kendrick plus a whole enchilada of artists that only will release their merch on the 20th edition of TOYCON PH. Globe is also their co-presenter, and will dedicate a Globe Playboxx Booth where Globe susbcribers will be treated to VIP status if you get Premium and VIP passes. You'll get access to Creon Chknheads CCW Buck Philippine Colorway and Punk Drunkers Pops, which would be relatively hard to find in these conferences.

For classic fans, Voltes V Legacy artists, and their Director Mark Reyes will be there too. Aside from that, Masked Rider Black and Black RX star Tetsuo Kurata or Robert Akizuki will be in the Philippines to grace the event. If you're also a fan of Maskman, Ryosuke Kaizu who played Red Mask in Hiraki Sentai Maskman will be at the event via the Toku Spirits Booth. There will also be a Cosplay event plus a Cosplay Photography Workshop done by Jay Tablante if you're into that.

All of these will happen on July 7 to 9 at the SMX Convention Center, and this will surely be BIG since this is their 20th year. Make sure you use the hashtag #TOYCON20NA if you are posting on social media, to become part of the fun. Tickets are sold via SMTickets.com or on the event location, so head on to SMX Convention Center on this dates! Globe Premium Passes are going to be via Tickelo.com. See you on TOYCON 20!


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