Made in Korea Designed for Filipinos: Bela Padilla x Aera사랑

Saturday, July 08, 2023


SM Megamall's Upper Ground and Second Floor was filled to the brim as Korean skin brand Aera launched their collaboration with Actress, Director, Writer, Author, Songwriter and Entrepreneur Bela Padilla. She's best known for her work in films like "100 Tula Para Kay Stella", "Meet Me In St. Gallen", "The Day After Valentines", her work "Yung Libro sa Napanood Ko" and so many more.

This new collaboration with Aera is called Lights, Camera, Cosmos; also under the same people who brought you iWhite Korea products which has been trusted in the Philippine market for over 20 years. Their call is for you to be LIMITLESS in terms of taking care of yourself and not hold back because after all, you deserve it!

What's included in the new products is the Aura Water Sunscreen, Stellar No Oil Face Gel, and the Milky Way Glow Drops Serum. I have personally tried the products before I slept and yes, this can be used by men too. The Aura Water Sunscreen feels different because it's not sticky, almost like water, no white casts so you don't look like a ghost when going out with it. It's got SPF 50 to get you protected from harmful rays of the sun and non greasy. 

Here's our interview with Bela Padilla and some scenes at the SM Megamall event we covered yesterday, so please enjoy!


In a hot humid weather like ours in the Philippines, it's something that skin brands should pay attention to and Bela told them about this right at the very beginning. The Stellar No Oil Face Gel (named after her character Stella) gets you "no hulas" feel for over 8 hours. Bela felt the need to have this since she also experiences feeling fresh at home then feel miserable in the heat right when you step outside. She's got you covered, as it mattifies and prevent oiliness, also hydrates your skin. The Milky Way Glow Drops Serum on the other hand finishes things by giving you that certain glow so you feel even more confident as it lasts long. Just like Bela, there's LIMITLESS possibilities you can do with AERA, you can get them in Watsons stores and leading online shopping apps (even on TikTok Shops) so go get them today and take that limitless journey with Bela and Aera!


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