Healthier Lives with TCL

Monday, July 17, 2023

TCL has been known more so in television sets right? Well that's not all because they've got a ton of electronic products, designed specifically for you to have a well connected, healthier lives. Just saying that must have been a tall order, but knowing today as nutrition month, it's an apt time to see what they have under the brand.

The TCL AAT Inverter+ Refrigerator (properly endorsed by Kathryn Bernardo as seen on recent coverages) is one of them. It's a whole line of refrigerators that also has technology to keep food fresh via its Healthy Fresh and smart functions plus Multi Air Flow, AI radar and Automatic Anion-releasing technology that's not available in other brands.

It's different because it has Twin Eco Inverters that makes food last longer, fresher, and saves you money while being environmentally safe. It's something that every Filipino family needs. From cooling your favorite drinks, to keeping those veggies fresh to last longer for your next meal, it's done that and more. It's going to be out this month, so make sure to rush to your favorite appliance stores and give TCL a look because they've been thinking about you a lot. Their range of refrigerators use state of the art technology to make sure you've got the things you need at home.


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