Z4 ESports Takes RMC Season 7 Championship

Monday, July 03, 2023

We had a lot of fun watching teams battle it out at the RMC (realme Mobile Legends Cup) at the activity center of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. It's an annual event made to even further develop ESports gaming teams in the Philippines while showcasing the best mobile phones from realme, specifically the realme C53.

First up is the showmatch of SIBOL Team that won a SEA Games Gold Medal. Much talk about them being challenged by their foe the TNC Pro Team. During drafts much of their picks involved banning those who can pull and be tanky like Kaja, Franco, Kufra, Helcurt and others. TNC also chose a few fast fighters, marksmans, and a tank while Sibol had fast fighters and a mage to deal more damage. Sibol overwhelmed them in the map. 
Filipino Rap Lord Gloc9 gave us a show!

In the second match, Sibol had to battle it out with Smart Omega. Omega chose to band the fast fighters and chose fighter tanks and a mage while Sibol chose fighter and armor type heroes. Sibol also chose characters that can take down towers quite fast, taking advantage of the new emblem system in the recent update. It was a pretty tough match, quite close, but in the end it was team Sibol that took the win. Best talent award for the season went to Chantelle, she was also given the MVP later on in the celebrity match wherein Team Santie won too. Smart Omega Empress by the way also won the championship for the Women's League before this game, that was a good run!

Then the RMC Season 7 Championship match started, well not really. The supposed match between Team Z4 Esports Pegaxy and Elite was done in just a few minutes because after several attempts of getting in touch with them, Elite didn't show up, therefore awarding the win to Z4 Esports Pegaxy. They won Php 400,000 cash and a 150K worth of realme products.

Congratulations boys!


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