Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pay TV is becoming better and with the recent developments in the news and public affairs landscape, CIGNAL TV is not going to be left behind as they launch ONE PH which features new news shows. They've always been different; seeing the combination of hosts they put together feels like they've really thought about this long and hard. Their tagline "Kami ang boses ng pinagkakaisang Pilipinas" say a lot, and I think it's a tall order. They got a throng of veteran journalists, newscasters, personalities to give life to these programs and they were all at the launch.

This is going to be a third CIGNAL channel, with all Filipino news in it. It's designed to complement the existing One News English news channel and One Sports for their sports coverages and shows. In a nutshell, their content will mainly focus on News, Public Service and Entertainment. CIGNAL TV VP for Channel Management Ms. Sienna Olaso says "This will further our commitment to deliver reliable news and Public Affairs programs that matters most to Filipinos so we could inform, inspire, entertain and educate Filipinos and help them too."

ONE PH will also be partners with Pilipino Star Ngayon (PSN), Radyo 5 via 92.3 NewsFM, The Freemab, News 5 so they could make different content for the ONE PH Channel. The channel will have One Balita with Raffy Tulfo and Jamie Herrell, Sa Totoo Lang with Cheryl Cosim and Jove Francisco, Wag Po with Ed Lingao, Patrick Paez, Lourd De Veyra, Melvyn Calderon, Manny Mogato and Jove Francisco, Wanted Sa Radyo with Raffy Tulfo, MagBadyet Tayo with Chinkee Tan, Inay Ko Po with Jennica Garcia and Pat Fernandez, Usapang KapaTed with Atty. Ted Te, Cristy Ferminute with Cristy Fermin, plus a show with Lolit Solis and Mr. Fu via the show Take it Per Minute, Isport Lang with Zaldy Perez, Turbo Time with Mike Potenciano and Lindy Pellicer and Ride Radio with Jay Taruc.

This will all be seen on Cignal Channel 6, all day everyday. Make sure you subscribe on CIGNAL, because it's all there!


Miss Universe Gazini Ganados Endorses Bluewater Day Spa

I had that title for posterity. Beauty is innate in Filipinas and yes this afternoon was one great testimony of that as reputable premiere luxury brand Bluewater Day Spa just announced their newest endorser, no other than the reigning Binibining Pilipinas Universe Gazini Ganados.

She's not the type who just sits and looks the part, because staying fit and gorgeous like that takes a town to accomplish. She knows her strengths and part of that is stern effort to battle her hectic schedules and endless preparation for the Miss Universe competition this year. She knows when to take a break and indulge in wellness and pampering services so she embodies how to "Feel Like A Queen". She recommends the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Traditional Filipino Massage to soothe her aching muscles from rehearsals, events and workshops the whole week. This solves muscle tension and that feeling of being bloated, which she does regularly so she looks her best all the time.

She still has the time to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as the reigning Binibini, so if you are as pressured as her you might want to do the same because anyone can "Feel Like A Queen" in Bluewater and Day Spa branches in Ortigas, Makati, Banawe in QC, Capitol Hills, Eastwood City, Cotabato, and if you prefer to franchise, you can get in touch with them via 6951820 or 09175715886.

You'll definitely feel like a queen!


James Reid and Boy Abunda with the Tax Whiz!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Yesterday was a fine day to be worried about taxes. The guru himself Mon Abrea has written the Asian Consulting Group’s “Iwas Buwis-it: What To Do When Tax Attacks!” which is pretty much a very thorough guide about the ins and outs of paying taxes. As you may understand, a lot of people don’t know much about it and are so afraid to put their hands into this topic amidst the corruption laden government office. There has been remarkable changes and they are continuing to do so, but what he wants us to realize is that we should never take that for granted. It also shows life choices, learnings from celebrities like James Reid and Boy Abunda who were also there that evening.

In the book, there are also tell alls and step by step procedures if you’re a business, sme, individual or freelancer, because yes, you have to also pay for that as well. You will also understand why there is a need to do so, plus tips on how not to commit violations especially if you are a business, employing people, or even would want to get amnesty (oh yeah you heard that right!) so as to not be delinquent in doing so.

James and Kean listening to the Tax Whiz

Boy Abunda also gave them really tough questions

Mon Abrea quips “A lot of people are afraid of it but wether we like it or not we have to pay for it. We just need it to be more accessible, easier to understand so people won’t be afraid of even doing or talking about it.”

The book is available at all leading bookstores and the ACG Tax Hub in Mother Ignacia corner Esguerra in QC

ACG has been doing seminars, talks at their Tax Hub in Mother Ignacia in Quezon City plus in different parts of the country. They also have done it in high OFW populated countries so if they would want to engage in business in the Philippines, they would experience ease in doing it if they come back. You would also love the parts where Boy Abunda and James Reid share their personal cases so you would understand it’s not easy to be popular, because that means things are easily tracked and everything has to be accounted for. If you want to know more, you may visit for more info.


Carlo Aquino Preps for Liwanag in Concert

Carlo Aquino is stretching his vocal chords this morning for another concert at the Music Museum. We were there during Matteo and his concert which was very successful, so this is really a good time to do another one. 

Carlo shares how he feels and says “Excited and thankful because this is real. It was once just talked about, there will be some numbers where I will be playing a guitar, maybe dance too. It is going to be a journey where I loved music, I might be singing old songs, it depends on Sir Louie if he can fit it in. I want some really new songs, Ben and Ben, stuff like that. I started with my Dad, he loves music and also sings. Beatles, old Karaoke hits, bands, so when I was a teenager it was doubly hard because I was a lefty. I usually write songs when I am sad so I gave a lot on my list but I hope we get 2 or 3 of them in the concert. I was also asked about doing a remake on Rico Blanco song, so I chose 2 of them, I ended up getting approval for one which is “Balisong” and I will have to thank him personally, very soon. I hope I could rehearse now, when you mention it I am already shaking. Right now I wish I could rehearse early, we will be meeting soon to finalize things. I have inputs because this is my journey, I have several albums and I hope I get a lot of my material there. We are trying to get guests but it depends on their availability. My second single is Balisong, a Soldier’s Heart has been in the trade launch last week, maybe Bagman season 2 for iWant. I have a lot on my plate. I hope I could get my cousin here, my parents too. Everyday is a good day and I am thankful for times I wake up, I only think of gratitude. I have a happy family, happy heart, I don’t mind the bashers, there’s a lot of love out there and you have so many reasons to be happy for. I am always in love! I am in love with life, I am inlove with work. You may go ahead and agree with it. August 31 at the Music Museum, I hope you guys be there and tell your friends about my birthday concert.” 

His director adds “I called it Liwanag so you can see him, in a new light, I hope that’s exactly what you will see in the concert.” 

This is produced by Hills and Dreams Concepts Co. For tickets you may get it from Ticketworld at 8919999 or 09777819540 (Hills and Dreams) or at the Music Museum ticketron 721 06 35. 

So there! 


Paymaya Ends July with a Bang!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cashbacks are god’s gift to humanity because aside from availing the service or product, they get your money back. Paymaya has been doing that for quite a while, but they’re letting us in on a secret, there’s as much as Php 2650 of it before the month ends. That’s only a few days from now.

Me this afternoon :)

They promise to give you as much as 100% cashback everytime you purchase load at the PayMaya shop category on the app. Aside from that, they’ve got discounted Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gaming pins, and all other games in the PayMaya shop. They’re also giving as much as 100% cashback from that. You can also get Php 300 cashback on the app when you shop online using your Paymaya Card. There’s also a 150 cashback when your send at least P3,000 to another PayMaya user (I almost did today because some friend needed some credits). You can also get up to P1,000 cashback whenever you pay via PayMaya QR with any of our partner merchants (I purchased medicine earlier this week and got 100%. cashback with Mercury drug) I felt I got my maintenance medicine for FREE. This is absolutely awesome!

Now go download and register on the app, purchase load, purchase pins, send money, and you might get them all back instantly. Who in the right mind would do that right? Paymaya did, and I think that’s absolutely crazy! Crazy good!

I got them all!


Bacsi Bros Expands Operations at Ayala Malls Marikina

Saturday, July 27, 2019

They're growing, definitely growing. 

It's a  great day for comfort food goodness and abs for days as we celebrate the opening of Bacsi Bros in Ayala Malls in Marikina City. This is different from Ayala Malls Feliz and is a two floor complex at the Liwasang Kalayaan area. It caters to residents and people from surrounding towns so they don't have to go to far cities just to go to an Ayala Mall. 

The Bacsi Bros branch here is at the Food Choices area up at the second floor together with other pretty well known brands. But of course, we have to go to Bacsi Bros because who doesn't dream of hot heaping white rice, fluffy egg and strips of mouthwatering bacon.

It is as freshly cooked as you order so just look it up on the menu and owner endorser Tony Labrusca will offer you everything for 75 pesos. Extra egg and Cheddar Cheese will only cost you 15 bucks! Sounds good? Of course!

This BacsiBro has these soft fried smoky bacon, tons of liquidy melted cheese, a soft sunny side up egg on top of white rice. Ohhhh I could hear Homer Simpson's growling.

The Cornsibro though was perfect for breakfast. The corned beef was soft and a bit on the salty side, the runny egg envelopes everything including the rice, you could almost taste it in the photos.

The Hotsibro on the other hand is perfect for kids, kids who can tell. If you think about it, it's like an all day breakfast setup. Less the hassle of cooking.

Tocino lovers will rejoice over this Tocibros, remember that they cook this teppan style so you get that bits of crunchy edges on the meat and the egg they cook. There is also some margarine/butter in it so you get that flavor profile too. Ohh this was so good!

For those who want it beefy, try the Tapsibros. Strips of Tapa style beef fried over the griddle on top of sunny side up egg, and white rice. It ain't for the faint of heart indeed and is real comfort food. You should enjoy this with friends and family.

They also are launching a new item on their menu which are all wraps. I tried the Bacsi Wrap earlier and it was almost full to the brim, reminiscent of breakfast burritos in the US. It's quite huge and filling, pretty much an equivalent of the rice meals, so go get the Cornsi Wraps, Hotsi Wrap, or Tapsi Wrap if you love Bacsi Bros. Oh and before I forget, they also have Chiksi Bro and Porksi Bro for 99 if you have an even larger appetite.

Oh and today, he's actually here in Ayala Malls Marikina Branch, of course it went crazy!

Bacsi Bro's Franchising

Be a Franchise sister or bother here at Bacsi Bro's! contact us at: 0949 994 42 77 0917 686 0018 0949 994 42 76 0920 983 02 47 0917 621 6062 0998 589...

Look at my view LOL

Tony Labrusca, wants to convince you to have one. Would you want like to take a bite?

Make sure you visit this branch or the others if you want comfort food. That's exactly what I felt when I ate the Bacsi Bro and Bacsi Wrap. They are open for franchise via U-Franchise route, you may email them at or 6343717, their mobile number 09178816999.


Andok's Launches Spicy Dokito with Piolo Pascual

We all love Andok’s and how it has been part of every occasion, every meal on the Filipino table. I must say, I am a huge fan of the Lechon Manok and their lovely, crispy Pork Chop. I just feel it actually tastes better especially in their Boracay branch when it is freshly cooked, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it just is super good. Add to that their throng of products including their famous Liver Sauce which I have at home. It’s too good that other brands copied it, or try to as their CEO says. 

Mayor Leonardo Sandy M. Javier Jr. the President and CEO of Andok’s mentions “My children are all my inspiration, also our Andok’s family. This comes as a pleasant surprise as I prepare a new venture in Congress but I never forgot about the Spicy Dokito. It has been planned for months. Back in 2003 we were in Boracay and we got hit by slowness of business, but we knew how to survive in the island. There were tons of people who wanted good food but things were not affordable, but ours were comparable, we really have the best chicken in the country. Let me recognize our Andok’s management team, they are trained to be the best, I thank them for all the support they gave in the Andok’s family. It’s been years since I have served my constituents, Andoks didn’t start from business tycoons, we started from scratch. We did advertising, through plywood so people would remember us. My father passed of Cancer, my brother is Danny Javier, and they gave a lot to alleviate pain, I didn’t, but I promised him I will make his name famous, and this is Andok’s. I always tell people not to worry about making mistakes, just don’t do it again and learn from them. I also know recently that people get tired of the usual, it was why the lechon liempo happened, sorry for those who got sick of it (he kids), I had to be sensitive with the market too so we thought about a smaller but filling one, it’s the Andok’s fried chicken which we call the Dokito. It took us 6 months before we perfected it, we learned the ropes, we wanted to be better than the others, when we knew it was already perfect, (against the colonel and the bee) we learned to be the best. It was the thing that saved us hence our market grew. We knew innovation was important, so we are now coming up with a real good, real hot spicy chicken, this is our Spicy Dokito. This is our blockbuster.” 

Then his son Maverick Leonardo Javier came up on stage and said “I love Dokito and I have been eating it everyday, as you can see (he kids). I think I am Dokito being I am Leonardo too. I created this product and I personally love it. Spicy, Crazy, Feisty, but first time in history of Andok’s we will have an endorser. Our endorser is spicy, hot too, maybe guapo like me but maybe times 20. With his help I hope we reach every corner of the country, and elsewhere in the world.” 

Piolo Pascual their new endorser was frantic, jokingly told the audience “I’m sorry I was eating the new Spicy Dokito backstage. I wanted to be part of the one brand which is at every corner of streets. It’s a no brainer, I am now with Andok’s. Whoooow! Tikman niyo na ang Andok’s Spicy Dokito!” 

Oh and yes, the latest Spicy Dokito did not disappoint! Super crunchy, hot and fresh from the fryer, the spicyness is just right from the bits of chili in the meat. It’s like they took time to really marinate, prolly brine so the chicken stays juicy inside. Obviously you’ll see how this is different from the ones served in fastfood joints, it’s very affordable too. 

Now this world class Filipino brand is present in other countries, and truly, they are just starting with their expansion. Hopefully, Piolo Pascual and his charm would make Andok’s even better in the next few years as they take on food giants here and elsewhere in the world! 

Be ready for the Spicy Dokito!