Quaker Delicious Mornings with Alex Gonzaga

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Quaker Oats had tons of people enjoy their mornings in BGC as they celebrate Quaker Delicious Mornings with Alex Gonzaga.

I usually have proteins and tons of fat in my plate but Quaker gets all the fiber I need to also make breakfast healthy. Kaye of Quaker Oats says "It's a super grain and better than a lot of breakfast options, it has nutrients and fiber so you feel full longer and it has beta glucan so it gets your blood sugar low and is good for the heart."

Alex says "When you have your breakfast it has to be healthy, start with healthy and make it delicious. It has 7 times more fiber than white rice and you can also prepare it in minutes. Just add hot water, do fruits, milk, or just have it plain Jane.

"I bring it along with me at work, I get full fast and is good for digestion. I didn't like it when I was a kid because we had it everyday when were still in school, but now the options like Banana Honey and Chocolate flavors are so nice, I don't get tired of it even if I have it everyday."

I start my day na iniiwasan ka kasi ayoko mabadtrip -Luis Manzano 2019

Gym ka Ng gym Kaya pala puro muscle mukha mo! -Alex Gonzaga 2019

Now go get your Quaker Oats in major supermarkets and groceries nationwide and make your own Quaker Delicious Mornings right in your own home.


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