Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez for “If We Don’t Make It”

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

If We Don’t Make It, a movie produced by T-Rex Entertainment directed by Prime Cruz and written by Jen Chuaunsu. Lovers who have unfinished issues. Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino are from different stations, it wasn’t an issue, they made it happen so now they are working with Prime on this project. Prime says “I like their previous projects and I have seen their work even before this was pitched, I knew I wanted to work with them. In this movie you will find the four of us to define this genre.”

Janine says “I am called AM in this film. I will meet Harold in college, messy but optimistic and he’s the exact opposite. I am not the typical good girl, she is a go getter. I could visualize how she is. If we don’t make it, maybe we can try again. I like the story because I can relate to it, you don’t even have to say it because they could feel it, to be heartbroken, subtle but real. In real life, you have to weigh how people feel and you don’t want to get rejected. Although there is always going to be a fresh take, a different way of telling the story.”

Paulo Avelino adds “My character here is a little different and hopefully we can finish this in the last quarter of the year. This isn’t a hugot movie, the treatment and the script is just the same with me, you love her but you can’t tell her, it’s a wasted moment, that you still don’t know if you would pursue it or not. My hair is for several projects. I have always had the same haircut, so I am trying to change the look, maybe soon I’ll have it all off. This movie though is a slice of life, in one point in our lives. I always check the material to make sure it is something that I haven’t done yet. I got the gist of what the outcome is, not to box myself but it has range of what people could do. I was getting indie projects a lot and got so excited when it is constantly evolving. It is deeper to your core and you have to bring out layers of your character. I made the conscious choice about 3/4 years ago. People are looking for something new, for quality.”

It will be something like post hugot era, another niche he (director Prime)would like to do. Jen the writer says “Prime and I wanted to do this, took bits and pieces in our lives and put t together so we could explore it more, a relationship-non relationship film.”

So we really have something to look forward to late this year, I hope they can make it fresh, new and relatable, parts of it is Prime Cruz’s life, part of it is fiction. It would be interesting how they would tell it on screen, especially since the girlfriend (not the ex) is the writer.

See it on theaters soon!


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