AXE Launches Ice Chill

Thursday, July 18, 2019

This evening was fun as people from AXE launched the all new AXE Ice Chill. They showed a video or two of situations why it’s actually hotter when you’re chill, and I think it is a good thing. 

Bong Cruz the brand manager for AXE says “Less is more, go to her, ask her out if you like her. As simple as you can, don’t go become too strong because it should be easy. Whether you’re chill or hot, always remember, you’re hotter when you chill with the new AXE Ice Chill. Be your most authentic self and keep your composure.” 

We played several games on the pool table, also the air hockey machine, when you’re already hot, just spray this on and you’ll get 11 degrees lower on your skin temperature, now that’s something I’d like in the HOT tropical Philippines. It’s a lot musky, a bit of leather, very manly too. If you dig that, go grab a small or big AXE Ice Chill bottle, you’re hotter when you’re chill. 


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