Bacsi Bros Expands Operations at Ayala Malls Marikina

Saturday, July 27, 2019

They're growing, definitely growing. 

It's a  great day for comfort food goodness and abs for days as we celebrate the opening of Bacsi Bros in Ayala Malls in Marikina City. This is different from Ayala Malls Feliz and is a two floor complex at the Liwasang Kalayaan area. It caters to residents and people from surrounding towns so they don't have to go to far cities just to go to an Ayala Mall. 

The Bacsi Bros branch here is at the Food Choices area up at the second floor together with other pretty well known brands. But of course, we have to go to Bacsi Bros because who doesn't dream of hot heaping white rice, fluffy egg and strips of mouthwatering bacon.

It is as freshly cooked as you order so just look it up on the menu and owner endorser Tony Labrusca will offer you everything for 75 pesos. Extra egg and Cheddar Cheese will only cost you 15 bucks! Sounds good? Of course!

This BacsiBro has these soft fried smoky bacon, tons of liquidy melted cheese, a soft sunny side up egg on top of white rice. Ohhhh I could hear Homer Simpson's growling.

The Cornsibro though was perfect for breakfast. The corned beef was soft and a bit on the salty side, the runny egg envelopes everything including the rice, you could almost taste it in the photos.

The Hotsibro on the other hand is perfect for kids, kids who can tell. If you think about it, it's like an all day breakfast setup. Less the hassle of cooking.

Tocino lovers will rejoice over this Tocibros, remember that they cook this teppan style so you get that bits of crunchy edges on the meat and the egg they cook. There is also some margarine/butter in it so you get that flavor profile too. Ohh this was so good!

For those who want it beefy, try the Tapsibros. Strips of Tapa style beef fried over the griddle on top of sunny side up egg, and white rice. It ain't for the faint of heart indeed and is real comfort food. You should enjoy this with friends and family.

They also are launching a new item on their menu which are all wraps. I tried the Bacsi Wrap earlier and it was almost full to the brim, reminiscent of breakfast burritos in the US. It's quite huge and filling, pretty much an equivalent of the rice meals, so go get the Cornsi Wraps, Hotsi Wrap, or Tapsi Wrap if you love Bacsi Bros. Oh and before I forget, they also have Chiksi Bro and Porksi Bro for 99 if you have an even larger appetite.

Oh and today, he's actually here in Ayala Malls Marikina Branch, of course it went crazy!

Bacsi Bro's Franchising

Be a Franchise sister or bother here at Bacsi Bro's! contact us at: 0949 994 42 77 0917 686 0018 0949 994 42 76 0920 983 02 47 0917 621 6062 0998 589...

Look at my view LOL

Tony Labrusca, wants to convince you to have one. Would you want like to take a bite?

Make sure you visit this branch or the others if you want comfort food. That's exactly what I felt when I ate the Bacsi Bro and Bacsi Wrap. They are open for franchise via U-Franchise route, you may email them at or 6343717, their mobile number 09178816999.


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