How Do You Take Care of Your Clothes?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It’s such a colorful afternoon with the peeps from Unilever makes of Comfort detergent and Comfort Fabric Softeners. I love their setup where we were given pretty strong magnifying gadgets so we could take photos of fabrics with these wonderful models!

Marianne Tan the brand manager for Comfort says “We in Unilever know you love clothes and if you wash them, some get weathered, but how can you love your clothes to the last thread? You have to use COMFORT Care Detergent. It’s in powder and liquid form and in variants Glamour care and Fashion Care. Eliminate the signs of Clothes Aging with the new Anti Aging Technology in detergents. Love, wear, wash and repeat.

Amor Prieto the Manager of their R&D says “It takes 5 washes to see signs of aging, the need for clothes to look NEW longer is in demand and we have a new range of products to fight the signs of aging. As we wear and wash them, it contributes to that. The use of bleach even makes the fabric weaker. Harsh detergents get the colors faded, even friction contributes to it. It can ruin your look, but these new fabric care detergents have enzymes that snip bobbling off so your clothes still look new. It prevents yellowing, shape loss, and our new fabric conditioner has Triple Care Technology which protects your clothes from friction and heat. It even protects prints, this is why Comfort make the clothes you love be new for longer.

Rajo Laurel says “Fabric care is important even after designs, materials are delicate to wash and in investments like designer made clothes, you need to maintain it’s usage even after a while.

Daryl Chang “Before I buy anything I think of how many times I use it and not just me, but a lot of people spend on clothes. A year or more, you have to get your investment out of it. When you shop you have to be wise, not unlike when I was younger when I didn’t think about sustainability.

I was a clear case of clothes aging LOL

Apples Aberin says “It is important for me to take care of my clothes, I like dressing up but do repeat my stuff so I take care of them so they last longer, it’s a way of self expression, not to try show aging in your clothes. I love Comfort the most!

Now how about you? How do you take care of your clothes?


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