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Friday, July 05, 2019

Felt the urge to run to a skin Care clinic and wellness center because I didn't use sunscreen last month during a Palawan trip. I absolutely loved paradise, but I looked like matchstick all red on my face while the rest of my body was fine. I would have opted for a facial but that wasn't much of an option because it's only been a month before I visited Stelton Dermascience. They actually advised me to scrap that idea (because of obvious reasons) but they had the heart to recommend to me a treatment that would fit what I want to happen, they call it the Hydrajet Facial.

I admire how they did this... and asked me about my skin condition. Other clinics would have just told me to lie down and do it but they knew how it would have hurt my skin if they did that. The skin consultation made me do the right decision. Realistically speaking, that alone was a nice step to solve my discoloration. Men don't usually have a sane knowledge on why we should take care of our skin, it's why I always advise some of my closest friends about what they should do (when I can) without going overboard and hurting their feelings too. Maintenance is a must and I do seldom do this because I have my own regimen at home, but if it needs expert help, I don't hesitate to do so.

I have mixed skin conditions, some parts are super oily while the others are dry. I always moisturize at home but it wasn't enough to see my face look burnt and it differently colored than my neck and those covered in clothes. The Hydrajet Facial was so comforting, it felt super refreshed and cold while they were doing it. Cold stuff tightens the skin but the air/water combo with it cleans the skin surface. They have different appicators on the machine while putting in serums I needed to not just lightly exfoliate but to nourish the skin.

It felt quite good and I almost slept during the whole thing. I loved the third part with the cold handle, they smothered my face with a concoction using that tool then started to prepare my face with light therapy. I didn't get to see it as they covered my eyes but I took decent photos.

The last step had a Vitamin C serum and I was advised not to wash my face for about 6-8 hours which I obliged. 

They also pushed Gluthathione on me with Vitamin C so I get nutrition inside, it only took a few minutes to do that.

They have different machines and specific rooms for facial procedures. They didn't also Have mirrors on it for light therapy procedures they needed to do. Everything is well thought of, including the skin procedures they need to do to your skin. 

Let me just put it out there, MEN need proper skin care and you absolutely need to maintain it. If you would want to look like a prune early then don't, but just like what I tell my friends, if you want to look good, feel good and be seen better by your peers, your loved ones, you have to do your part and take care of it. Although Stelton Dermascience recently opened this branch at the 2nd Floor of Ayala North Exchange in Makati City, they have years worth of experience in skin care catered for men and women. Backed by teams of dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, registered nurses and highly trained aestheticians, you can be sure you get services that you need when you need it. Procedures that need doctors are also scheduled and done by appointment so as to not put in danger their clients, a good practice in my books.

You should at least do maintenance work once a month so you don't have to worry, you deserve all the pampering you get from this place because it is affordable, it need not be expensive to take care of your skin. They also have anti aging procedures and laser treatments for those who need it, I'll try that next when I go back to Stelton Dermascience, they've got Skin Science Mastered.


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