James Reid and Boy Abunda with the Tax Whiz!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Yesterday was a fine day to be worried about taxes. The guru himself Mon Abrea has written the Asian Consulting Group’s “Iwas Buwis-it: What To Do When Tax Attacks!” which is pretty much a very thorough guide about the ins and outs of paying taxes. As you may understand, a lot of people don’t know much about it and are so afraid to put their hands into this topic amidst the corruption laden government office. There has been remarkable changes and they are continuing to do so, but what he wants us to realize is that we should never take that for granted. It also shows life choices, learnings from celebrities like James Reid and Boy Abunda who were also there that evening.

In the book, there are also tell alls and step by step procedures if you’re a business, sme, individual or freelancer, because yes, you have to also pay for that as well. You will also understand why there is a need to do so, plus tips on how not to commit violations especially if you are a business, employing people, or even would want to get amnesty (oh yeah you heard that right!) so as to not be delinquent in doing so.

James and Kean listening to the Tax Whiz

Boy Abunda also gave them really tough questions

Mon Abrea quips “A lot of people are afraid of it but wether we like it or not we have to pay for it. We just need it to be more accessible, easier to understand so people won’t be afraid of even doing or talking about it.”

The book is available at all leading bookstores and the ACG Tax Hub in Mother Ignacia corner Esguerra in QC

ACG has been doing seminars, talks at their Tax Hub in Mother Ignacia in Quezon City plus in different parts of the country. They also have done it in high OFW populated countries so if they would want to engage in business in the Philippines, they would experience ease in doing it if they come back. You would also love the parts where Boy Abunda and James Reid share their personal cases so you would understand it’s not easy to be popular, because that means things are easily tracked and everything has to be accounted for. If you want to know more, you may visit acg.ph for more info.


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