Andok's Launches Spicy Dokito with Piolo Pascual

Saturday, July 27, 2019

We all love Andok’s and how it has been part of every occasion, every meal on the Filipino table. I must say, I am a huge fan of the Lechon Manok and their lovely, crispy Pork Chop. I just feel it actually tastes better especially in their Boracay branch when it is freshly cooked, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it just is super good. Add to that their throng of products including their famous Liver Sauce which I have at home. It’s too good that other brands copied it, or try to as their CEO says. 

Mayor Leonardo Sandy M. Javier Jr. the President and CEO of Andok’s mentions “My children are all my inspiration, also our Andok’s family. This comes as a pleasant surprise as I prepare a new venture in Congress but I never forgot about the Spicy Dokito. It has been planned for months. Back in 2003 we were in Boracay and we got hit by slowness of business, but we knew how to survive in the island. There were tons of people who wanted good food but things were not affordable, but ours were comparable, we really have the best chicken in the country. Let me recognize our Andok’s management team, they are trained to be the best, I thank them for all the support they gave in the Andok’s family. It’s been years since I have served my constituents, Andoks didn’t start from business tycoons, we started from scratch. We did advertising, through plywood so people would remember us. My father passed of Cancer, my brother is Danny Javier, and they gave a lot to alleviate pain, I didn’t, but I promised him I will make his name famous, and this is Andok’s. I always tell people not to worry about making mistakes, just don’t do it again and learn from them. I also know recently that people get tired of the usual, it was why the lechon liempo happened, sorry for those who got sick of it (he kids), I had to be sensitive with the market too so we thought about a smaller but filling one, it’s the Andok’s fried chicken which we call the Dokito. It took us 6 months before we perfected it, we learned the ropes, we wanted to be better than the others, when we knew it was already perfect, (against the colonel and the bee) we learned to be the best. It was the thing that saved us hence our market grew. We knew innovation was important, so we are now coming up with a real good, real hot spicy chicken, this is our Spicy Dokito. This is our blockbuster.” 

Then his son Maverick Leonardo Javier came up on stage and said “I love Dokito and I have been eating it everyday, as you can see (he kids). I think I am Dokito being I am Leonardo too. I created this product and I personally love it. Spicy, Crazy, Feisty, but first time in history of Andok’s we will have an endorser. Our endorser is spicy, hot too, maybe guapo like me but maybe times 20. With his help I hope we reach every corner of the country, and elsewhere in the world.” 

Piolo Pascual their new endorser was frantic, jokingly told the audience “I’m sorry I was eating the new Spicy Dokito backstage. I wanted to be part of the one brand which is at every corner of streets. It’s a no brainer, I am now with Andok’s. Whoooow! Tikman niyo na ang Andok’s Spicy Dokito!” 

Oh and yes, the latest Spicy Dokito did not disappoint! Super crunchy, hot and fresh from the fryer, the spicyness is just right from the bits of chili in the meat. It’s like they took time to really marinate, prolly brine so the chicken stays juicy inside. Obviously you’ll see how this is different from the ones served in fastfood joints, it’s very affordable too. 

Now this world class Filipino brand is present in other countries, and truly, they are just starting with their expansion. Hopefully, Piolo Pascual and his charm would make Andok’s even better in the next few years as they take on food giants here and elsewhere in the world! 

Be ready for the Spicy Dokito!


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