Megan, Kris, Rayver and Kim On GMA’s Afternoon Prime

Monday, July 08, 2019

Had so much fun at the media conference for the new show Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko for GMA’s Afternoon Prime. It will be showing after the hit show Dragon Lady ends, a tall order but this is an entirely different story, something new for TV viewers. It will star Megan Young, Kris Bernal, Rayver Cruz and Kim Domingo.

Kris Bernal says “This project is really hard for me because it’s a horror flick, I had to watch more of Japanese horror films to prepare for this but I am so afraid of it so I had to really face my fears.”

Boots Anson Roa says “In this series I am going to be the anti hero, very conservative, I will be against them from the start. I will be involved in their love life, knowing how schizo in her family runs, I wanted to be protective of him but he chose to marry the girl. Yuen will be also dear to me, he’s the son of Rayver and Kris in the show. I’ll be genuinely taking care of him.”

Kim Domingo says “I can’t reveal much but I am very close with Megan’s character. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Beverly Salviejo adds “Everything that I did includes me being scared, but I am feeling and witnessing everything, so the difference is I am with Ms. Boots Anson Roa here, and we have beliefs we applied in situations. You’ll have to watch out for that.

Here’s part of the mediacon on video:

Men, psychology, mental illness, mixing it with horror elements, plus dealing with an “other woman” who is a ghost, it’s going to be interesting, see it on July 22.


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