SHOPEE Celebrates 7.7 Sale and Shopee POPSTAR Search

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Arrived a wee bit early for celebrations but got the best seats this evening in Shopee's new office in BGC. To start off festivities, we got the treat of our lives when Shopee got the ORIGINAL members of Sex Boom Dancers back together for a once in a lifetime dance showdown. They still have it, it made me realize how I miss those Daisy Syete episodes in the afternoon... And their whole group were just fantastic!

My favorite Jopay was there too, a bit concentrated on the dance number though lol. They didn't want to show something half-hearted which is why they looked super dope even when the fans joined along the fun!

Aside from that they've got the 7.7 Lowest Price sale tomorrow so if you're planning to shop, JULY 7 will be a good time to do that. You can use POPSTARFINALE10 when you check out and get 10% cash back for the first 250 users. POSTARFINALE20 if you want 20% but it's only for 150 users.

They also announced their Grand Champion Merry Mia Sinaguinan. She won 100,000 pesos with this feat, she's the Shopee Pop Star Grand Champion.

She also had the chance to sing with Sarah Geronimo. It was an awesome evening. :) 

She also shares the 100% Shopee Credits voucher POPSTARFINALE50 and is good for 100 users only.

She says she is so happy to be part of the Shopee family. She buys in Shopee, especially supplements for dogs and she loves how convenient it is. She hopes you do the same during the 7.7 Lowest Price Sale. She's singing now to end the evening.


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