PSID Showcases Past, Present and Future on 2016 Show

Friday, September 30, 2016

I've seen some of their work in the past and I know some people who have been here. Just a couple days ago, we got to witness the graduation exhibit of the Philippine School of Interior Design Advanced Class of 2016. Their show will run from September 29 to October 31 2016 at the Square Building in Greenfield District. It's right across Shangrila Mall in Shaw Boulevard. They've entitled it EVOLUTION based on designs from the Past, Present and Future. You could see inspiration from some of the great interior and furniture designers of this time. Execution wise, I think they did a pretty good job doing that especially those of which were done by some of my favorites. I'll let you know who they are in a bit.

Let's start this short time travel for the sections they dedicated to the PAST:

The PAST gallery is comprised of 8 groups.

The Arne Jacobsen Living Room - A room dedicated to the works of Arne Jacobsen who was architect, designer and man that was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He designed that iconic chair (see the yellow one) of which has been a staple in the late 60's and 70's.

The Finn Juhl Den - Finn Juhl was a Danish architect, interior and industrial designer that was most known for his furniture design. This concept was drawn by that 45 chair (the green one on the photo above) which was loved during the same period.

The Alvar Aalto Lanai/Patio - This lanai was inspired by the man called Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto. He was a Finnish architect and designer. He was also a great sculptor and painter. He's one of the great men behind architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware during the 60's and with good reason. He designed the chair on the top photo (the white one) and they've interpreted this quite well. This was one of my favorites.


Warren Platner Dining Room - This dining room is inspired from the work of American architect and interior designer Warren Platner. He produced a furniture collection that has proved to be a continuing icon of 1960s modernism (which includes those orange ones in the center, but that thing is a working pinball machine table. The crew here was accommodating, thanks for letting us use your design for our personal photos. It was really nice to see colors even back then.

Eero Saarinen Kitchen - Eero was a 20th century Finnish American architect and industrial designer noted for his neofuturistic style. In this room, they used the Tulip Chair as reference and made a minimalist but functional layout. I didn't see much of that function though but I like the modern try. Wish there were some things they could do so people could see it aside from the faux walls which took more of the room.

Charles Eames Study/Library - This room was nice and I like the elements they did with regards to putting up a small office and separate study. Eames designed the chair o the bottom right, so this room was more on the masculine side and I like the murals which made the eyes a bit busy and not heavy at all. Charles Ormond Eames, Jr and Bernice Alexandra "Ray" Eames were husband and wife American designers and they've made a lot of waves during the late 60's and early 70's. He also was a really good painter. Although this room was good, the people manning it didn't really explain much about it. I like the details on the ceiling but they didn't even bother to tell me about it. Try to do a little research when you go the exhibit, it'll be better.

The Hans Wegner Master Bedroom - It wasn't really finished when we were there. So I couldn't really say much.

Eero Aarnio Toilet and Bath - This one was nice, although I'm not a fan of open toilets they had laid it out well. This modern looking room is reminiscent of those I've seen in the 60's probably sparked by the man on the moon generation where Eero Aarnio's work was mostly seen. He is a Finnish interior designer noted for his innovative furniture designs. If you see in the photos, the one in the center is much like the plastic and fibreglass chairs he made in that era. He finished school from the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and you can see his charm in all his work.

Then we headed off to the section for the PRESENT designs:

Modern Mediterranean Living Room - It had the feel, mostly was made of cement, blue and turquoise elements and tons of curved seating and living area. It was nice, but not too keen on full hard surfaces.

Modern Chinese Den - I like how this all felt like a Tycoon's office. They used mirrored doors, a great water feature that goes from the table to the base of that platform. This was designed quite well. I seem to have noted they are putting in the elements of wood, fire, water, air in this space and I guess they've achieved it.

Modern Moorish Lanai/Patio - Moorish is more of a Muslim kind of feel. The style kind of flourished in some countries which were inhabited by them in the mid century. This present take on it was done right. I like the water feature that turns into a projector, perfect for meetings at home. Aside from that, I like the dark sky they wanted to do on the ceiling, plus the patterns they did to it. It looks expensive too.

Modern Tropical Dining Room -This one had the feel of Florida, the palm, the greenery, it all served a purpose for this lovely space. I like the moss which was explained to me is low maintenance as it needs little to no water because it can live off of moisture. There was also a feature wall with framed terrariums which is kind of a fad right now. They also had a waterfall that goes from one part of the room to the other, where you could also see it run through glass. It was relaxing. The dining area was made of natural wood, quite a humongous piece but it worked fine in the space. 

The Modern Baroque Kitchen - This one was quite interesting. It kinda was a bit dependent on Baroque patterns, which hae adorned every wall nook and cranny. The place felt a little royalty, Barbie would gladly live here.There were some broken floors but I think they were still in the process of fixing them. Hopefully when they run the event that gets fixed for a more flawless look.

The Modern Victorian Library - I could see what they were trying to do. The separate office desk and seating area was quite appealing. Their client was affluent, perfect for the theme and it was streamlined quite well. Notice the diagonal tiling with black and white stone, it takes the whole room to a whole different level. Great work on that part!


Modern Japanese Master Bedroom - This was one of the more better laid out rooms among the exhibitors. I like how they did the separate Master's bed room, the tea ceremony area and the zen garden. I would love to have a room like this if budget permits and I love what they did on the bed's base. Those rocks and lights will be done in my room soon. This is my next favorite!


The Modern Filipino Toilet and Bath - As with any work, for me it's really in the details. I love this particular display the most! That wall in the center actually have small tiles which you can flip over and change the mood of your space from heavy to light. It's a bit riding on the fad these days which is rose gold but this is more of copper. I would love to have this at home, only if I had space. I can imagine if some of their wood pieces would rather be stone or glass, it'll bring more interesting things that would tie up the space and make it feel a little more expensive. Don't get me wrong it is already expensive looking, but I'm sure they can stretch it further. Again, I love this room among all the exhibitors and it's with good reason. It made me realize that Filipino design shouldn't look cheap, even if you're looking at local materials. Hope we're not shortchanged. 

This is for the FUTURE galleries. I like how they didn't make it literal with space exploration pieces or anything, but they've done quite a lot of wall treatments that were impressive.

Rustic Luxe Living Room - As the name implies this is pretty rustic, like most of the items are hand me downs from family members and the feature wall (which I like too) changed the mood of the room depending on the light that's coming from it mood light installed.

I like what they did to the ceiling too. The lighting continues there and with the LED technologies you can have today, it doesn't need to be expensive.

Design Deconstructed Den - This was nice, the murals and all. I love the part that it's for a man cave but I had one problem with it. It's the bar, because it's open on this side and not on the back instead. Once you enter the room it's all there and I only wished I could turn that thing and put it on the other side.

Organic Opulence Lanai / Patio - This was one GRAND room and with the way they continually made the ceiling was very interesting. The materials used seemed all natural, they also have a section where they did a wall treatment with coconut tree sidings, it was massive and interesting to look at. It looked expensive too which in my books is a good thing.

Eclectic Elegance Dining Room - This spot was pretty bare without the TV underneath the table. Imagine yourself having dinner here with your family and you'll still be able to watch the evening news with them too. The walls were all nicely done and tucked away but you have sliding doors which you can open when you need to. It's busy with the eyes but not so much with furniture, it would be awesome for people who don't like clutter.

Mettalic Glam Kitchen - This kitchen had all metal elements on the cabinetry, the ceiling and almost every wall of the kitchen. I like the seating too that folds underneath the counter which can double as an entertainment area if you have family or friends who would come over. Or perhaps lie down if you're waiting for your cake to bake.

Avant Garde Industrial Library - This one is fancy, and I like the shelves most because you can use it with a plank and put books on it or trinkets to personalize it. This could be an executive room, although whimsical, can still pass on for a personal space. I was impressed by the wall and the ceiling, it was just well designed.

Funk Art Master Bedroom - This room would pass as a great master's bedroom for a pop star or someone in the creative business. It's nice that they didn't keep it in a single level because it emphasizes greatness on the bed and the nice desk with lighting on it.

Tech and Trendy Toilet and Bath - This one is super nice. The star of the show is the tub definitely. Aside from that, they made the whole space a his and hers without going too obvious and let the table tops dictate that. I like the rainfall shower in the middle too because it's a bit industrial and trendy without going overboard. They explained it well too.
Now if you're looking for pieces from the exhibit, most of these items are actually for sale. You can also get inspired from their work and apply it to your own living space, just ask or visit them at the Square Building in the Greenfield District. I'm yearning to go back. and check out when they finish some of those that were still in the works a few days ago. Thanks to their sponsors Devant, Uratex, Boysen, Hafele, Bosch, Blanco Germany, Gorenje, Dexterton, La Europa Ceramica, Nordlux, Matimco, AG Murals, Mity Mike, Larry's Curtain, Mainline, Fineza and Ilaw Atbp. for making their mounts possible. It looked very nice with real stuff there.

Again, it's at the Greenfield District. It's right across Shangrila Mall and you can walk from the Shaw MRT station. They can assist you if you need someone to explain things. Thank you PSID for having us!


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