ACER Introduces New DLP Projectors and 50% OFF Promo

Saturday, September 03, 2016

These are the lovely things displayed during the launch. The S1383WHNE shows a lot of versatility. You can perfectly use it for Small Offices or Home Office too. It's got 3,200 ANSI lumens. The K135i on the other hand is great for school. You can take this portable DLP Projector around when you've got presentations or classes. It's got 600 ANSI lumens which could fit the purpose. The X117H on the other hand would be something for the man cave. I could imagine it to be in a Home theater, a game room (oh yes those large screens are the best!) with 3,600 ANSI lumens you can already have that seen quite clearly. If you have a tighter budget, the V7500 would be better for your Home theater needs. At 2,500 ANSI lumens, it's more than enough to suite your needs.

ACER has announced DLP Projectors, digital light processing with micro electro mechanical technology that makes their equipment project as true to life. They've been able get the largest market share in the Philippines and other countries and are not letting up so they're bringing in even more of their new projectors to satisfy their customers around the world. With leading edge innovation, leading platforms, intelligent colors, professionalism and seamless design, ACER has been working hard on making new models that outperform big expensive ones in the market. 

They have countless awards already, but the thing that they promise is bring products to the forefront that makes sense, a thing that makes work easy. No matter what your room condition is, they have different projectors that are portable, fit for the home and office.  They see a large market for education and professional markets but as you see, they are very diverse that they even have some for the gaming segment (Predator). The thrust is to replace those old lcd projectors and get high tech, good cost projectors that can be installed in schools on a 1:1 ratio. Saving on electricity, making it easier to move around with less cabling, harnessing wireless technologies so it won't look like spaghetti in entertainment rooms.

Projectors from ACER cost around Php 19,999 up to Php 80,000 which depends on the specs or how big you want to get. Acer is also launching their promo where you can trade in your old projectors (any brand, working or not working, but you need to qualify a certain specification coz there are some small ones from China and that won't do) so you should definitely take this chance to get 50% OFF in all ACER stores nationwide!

You can now trade your old projector to experience DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector Technology at 50% OFF! To qualify, you can use your working or non-working projectors with brightness of 2,500 lumens and above. Those are the only ones that are accepted. You won't be able to use those Overhead Projectors, Portable Projectors (oh yes the ones from China) or Pico Projectors either for this promo. This is only valid from August 22 up until September 11 in Metro Manila ACER stores only. Make sure you get those things ready before the end date! Thank me later!

(Photos in this article not mine, all from ACER Philippines Facebook Page)


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