On Soaps, Shampoos and Shower Gels: Men Should Smell Like Men

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You are better than you think you are. No one said it is easy, but we all have to know the difference between grooming products for men and women. Sometimes you just feel we live in a world where people would want to kill us with fluff, flowers and pink stuff, not that it's bad for us but there's a huge difference in our physiological and biological makeup. Our hair might be made with the same things but the daily abuse, use, wear and tear is just on a different level. Our activities are different and if nobody admits we too need special care, that would be a sad life.

I was browsing the grocery of Mercury Drug a couple of days ago with my Mum and Dad and saw these products on the shelf. While they were signing their senior citizen discounts and I bought a couple cans of pineapple juice as I was a bit under the weather (long story) and saw ToppCock on the way to the counter. It's a line specially made for the male form of which the last one I tried was ToppCock Silver on my article here. This time I'm trying the Mint Soap, the Hydromax Invigorating Shampoo (Mint Lavender) and the All In One Shower Gel (which I have tried before).

The Mint Soap was marvelous. It didn't need a promise of 99.9 percent germ removal to make it feel good while in the shower. You feel clean and it smells so good. I like that the mint wasn't too harsh because the last thing that you need when the water from the shower is already cold is also mint to ruin the experience. So it's like hitting two birds with one stone, that's good yeah?!

The Hydromax Invigorating Shampoo on the other hand has Mint and Lavender. If you're a man and want to feel fresh and clean without smelling like a bouquet of flowers when you get out of the shower, you just have to put it in a subtle way. That's what this is. Like the soap, the mint isn't really too harsh either. I think they got this right during production which is a good thing.

I like the Shower Gel. It's like fresh pine. This got emptied in like 3 days because apparently everybody else at home liked it a LOT. It's like those really good perfumes for men mixed with it but I won't tell what brand LOL. Anyway, I think if you're looking for something cool, perhaps keep like a staple in your bath, this would be it. I assure you, it's something you would mistake as something only expensive designers would make. It's affordable too so you know what this means? You should get it too!

Take it in, because I'm sure event the women can relate to that. They wouldn't want the men to use what's designed for women right? That thought alone is beautiful, it means something and it's real. It will feel right because it's proper, and proud!

Again, you should go to the nearest Mercury Drug outlets and get yourself some ToppCock. Be a great example to the men in your age group. Take care of yourself buddy!


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