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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm enjoying buying stuff and playing games online lately and I haven't been looking at my data use recently because I've always used unlimited data plan from SMART. Now that I'm getting a new phone via their Smart iPhone plans (yes I'm up for retention) I have been eyeing the iPhoneSE or the #SmartiPhone7. Changing the plan would entail thay I'd be getting still a substantial amount of data allowance but I've got to keep watch because I might be going over it and I'm afraid to actually go over my monthly budget (we all do aside from the rich people LOL). Aside from that, I binge on iFlix a lot and that takes the bulk of my free data which I have no idea how to measure aside from looking at my phone's details. Heck I won't stop watching Emmy award winning Mr. Robot and hit show UNREAL (which I love because we single men love reality dating shows haha!). Aside from that, we all LOVE Pokemon Go right?!

I just installled the #MySmart app today and it looks like I won't have a problem managing my Smart number and the internet connection that comes with it. I already installed the My Smart Life App (the other lifestyle app they have that's FREE) a couple of months ago and it detected my number already. This app though has lots of great features which I can use for my postpaid and prepaid accounts. I can also pay bills online, view my cureent statements (I always over pay!), change my billing address (not that I'm leaving QC), change my credit limit (oh yeah those roaming services must not be abused), auto debit your payments (if you don't want to do this on a monthly basis),  and even PUK code retrieval for those who want to secure their sim cards. The app also lets you buy stuff like ePins for your games and prepaid stuff so you don't have to go to the store at the end of your street.

You can also just press a button and subscribe to the latest call, text and data packages if you need to without going through all that mumbo jumbo texting or ride to the Smart Store (although it's easy in Megamall the place there is futuristic!).

You see, you can't really buy convenience and now that you've got this app, you can manage your accounts right at the comfort of your own home. I mean if you can do it with a couple of steps, you don't have to go to the physical store or call their call centers anymore because YOU control everything at a flick of a finger. It puts YOU in control of your accounts anytime and anywhere!

Now how about installing that on your phone today?!

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