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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Have you ever wondered what that little forest in the middle of Gateway Mall in Araneta Center Cubao was for? It's called The OASIS and it used to be a dining area for Mandarin a few years back. Now it's an events place and you can rent it for special occasions and Araneta Center can arrange that. Anyway we're so lucky to have been able to experience it ourselves during the launch of their new website

They've made it responsive and better for mobile viewing. Although I must say you should always connect with SMART because the others that were in the different network that evening got their web connection wonky and unstable so they weren't able to order at all. I on the other hand was sought to experience the new online delivery service and even discovered how to get the best deal from Pizza Hut Delivery. They taught us how to do it and get it delivered where we were at that time. It's easy and I finished ordering in just a couple of minutes!

Go to your browser and type in

Choose to have your pizza and food delivered now or scheduled for later. Type in your address, in my case it's going to be The OASIS where WE were having our pizza party!

You should register first and if this is your first time to order I'll tell you about a perk that you'll get when you order.

I ordered a lot and added more before I did check out. For your first order I would like to suggest you to get the 2 Family Pizzas for Php 499.00 then get a bottle of Pepsi around a few pesos. It's going to total around 550+ ish. Now since this is your first order, you'll qualify for a promo so you can get a FREE pizza.

Now one of the features of the new online portal is that you can SAVE your order which means if you are probably ordering the same thing again, you can just click it and go!

You'll get an order summary, plus an email notification when your order is placed. You get to also choose how to pay for it online, Cash on Delivery, or Swipe your credit card when the delivery guy arrives. It makes total sense to do it this way and now it's easier because of the new website. You will also get the time of delivery but mine actually arrived quite earlier. The guy even explained to me what I ordered.

This is the FREE regular pizza that I got because my order is above 500 pesos!

So you see, you'll get 3 Pizzas on your first order and a bottle of Pepsi too. They're practically giving this away if you think about it. Regularly this would have cost you around 1000+ but since I got the 2 pizzas for 499 and a bottle of Pepsi, I only paid for Php 553.00. Then I get a FREE pizza because it surpassed 500 bucks, now isn't that a GREAT deal?

Make sure you share it with friends!

They've also got NEW pizzas available like this one which is the Singaporean Laksa. They can take you AROUND THE WORLD with their pizzas like Italian Bacon Margherita, Greek Beef Gyro and Mexican Dynamite. Or you can always have the classics like Super Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, Bacon Cheeseburger, Supreme, Veggie Lovers Supreme, Cheese Lovers, Bacon Supreme, Meat Lovers, Italian Delight, Cheesy Pepperoni or if you like it BIG try the 4Q Blowout 18 Inch Pizza! Order online (and experience it!) or just call  It's all good because it's from Pizza Hut, they make it great!

Remember to get your FREE Regular Hawaiian Supreme on your first order if you go beyond 500 pesos! This is the BEST Deal Ever! Thank you Pizza Hut for the Fun and Super Cool Party!

We also extend our wishes to lovely Kylie Verzosa as she bids to take home the crown of the Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan soon! We are all rooting for you dear! Thank you for being so nice during the event!


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