Solenn Outs New Self Titled Album via Universal Records

Monday, September 26, 2016

"I've been in the industry for 6 years and gosh I feel old. I just wanted more Filipino songs and I love acoustic. It's like chill and relaxed so my voice could stand out than the music. I showed it to my Dad and he thought it was me who wrote the songs, I love Pangako the most. I always like singing and I do that in events. It's something that I like doing like singing and painting. The album is based on different types and stages of love, it's the international language and a good theme. I'm 31 now and I'm contented, and these songs are a piece of me. I'm doing different things like acting and painting, got married this year and still have a restaurant, I have time to do the things that I'm doing. I wanna shoot more indie films and hopefully a second exhibit, I'm not dreaming super big, hopefully get pregnant end of next year so I'll enjoy this first. My first singing lesson was when I was 5 years old, I was forced and hated it but showbiz gave me the opportunity to do it and I had to do it in Party Pilipinas. I had to do things that were in my range so I won't fail, so I choose the right songs for my voice. I don't have time but I do it at home, like breathing and stuff. I'm obsessed with Argentinian salsa music, anything acoustic, even Miley Cyrus. I also had a mini concert with Lovi a couple months back and I'm going to do more in perhaps the Mindanao area, hopefully organize something over there. I like the indegenous tribes work, simple but intricate, I just have a thing for them."

"Most of the songs here are about falling in love, about breakups, it's all about me experiencing all of these. Nico doesn't even set restrictions, we're not the type that meddle with each other. What you see is what you get, I'm relaxed and chill even at home. We eat steak and do empanadas at home. I'm opening my blog soon and put my thoughts there. I interact all the time and do it in traffic, try to do videos on Facebook and bash haters sometimes. I've shared this interest in songs, I even have playlists that I put in my book. I'm into the latin beat right now. I wouldn't wanna say it's sexy but I always imagine being in bed and singing this remembering all the processes of moving on, it's a very nice song. It's not bossanova, it's easy listening and anyone could listen to it. When I recorded it, I spend a whole day and don't even do anything a day before and after the song. We record it a couple of times and sing he whole thing, re-do it again and again. Encantadia is also there and A1 ko Sayo to keep me busy, I hope that and my other lifestyle shows get people to watch. I also have a show on E! together with my lovely girls Georgina. Liz, and it's been a public personal part of my life that's going to air soon. Can't wait for people to see it!"

Solenn's album Solenn is out on record bars and digital stores worldwide. Make sure you get a copy of it if you fancy relaxed music like I do.

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