Diving Resort Trade Show 2016 Philippines

Friday, September 09, 2016

DRT on it's 2nd year, we promise and assure you that this program will be continued because the Philippines has a LOT to offer. - Kat De Castro, DOT Undersecretary

During the Diving Resort Trade Show 2016 they reiterated how much it's MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES and they talked about how suitable it is for the country to be a diving destination. It's a big industry.

Director Verba Buensoceso of DOT says "We brought this here to position the country as a hub for diving and business. Yes, there is a B2B component that will run in 3 days and this is something that we would want to catalyze. Two of the 15 best diving sites are here in the country and we had people come in and discover 100 new marine species. This year, Mike Bartic organized the Anilao critter fest and you'll see the world record biodiversity introduction tomorrow. We also have various destinations in other parts of the world featuring the Philippines as the best diving classroom, diving photography, and we'll service the needs as come. It's possible to dive in the Philippines all year round and we welcome over 60 exhibitors, diving trade agencies, marine conservation organizations and NGO's. We are the only dive b2b meet in Asia, and we'll have familiarization trips so you'll have a first hand knowledge of what we have to offer. We have buyers from around the world and aside from the DRT we organize other events in November, we'll have the 4th Anilao Underwater Competition and we have a lot to do in the next 3 days."

This is one of the largest meets and international show supported by different international organizations. In 2018 there will be 6 DRT shows around the Asian region. It's not just the Philippines that's excited about this and EZ dive Magazine Jason Chong puts it "This is our second year and you've got more diving equipment manufacturers in the show this year, we see the potential for the Philippines to be in the resort and diving business and DRT is here to let people see the Philippines could be a unique place for diving. We can't wait for you to see everything in SM Megatrade Hall today!"

A few days before the show they had some of their experts and photographers go out in the seas of the Philippines. 

Michelle Hall a US Cinematographer and Writer says "The people of the Philippines has great support from DOT and you're lucky. We were here in the 80's and made films around the world, now we're excited to see your seas and a lot has changed. We haven't really been back until this year. In Palawan, I remember my diving gear being moved by an Ox cart. I've been in Malapascua and even though I prefer not having other divers here, it's great to see around 200 divers come down and see marine life. It's a great experience. Sign the petition for Thresher Sharks too and we're going to talk twice this week in the show so come if you want to know what we've been doing the past few years."

Author and Underwater Photographer Scott Tuason adds "Anilao was something I'd out my head in living here and have access to diving and marine environment at our fingertips and it took the world a while to understand what we have here. Now more people are pointing out the special things, like Malapascua, the reefs, it's then that they discovered it's a cleaning station, a great place to start if you want to know biodiversity up close is the Philippines."

Author and Photographer from the US Tim Rock says "You don't have to go far if you want a world class destination. To be part of the DRT today is an honor, you should see the show."

Come to SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall today as the trade show only will be here until Sunday, September 11. There are also a hundred photos from world class underwater photographers displayed so if you want visual inspiration, you should come!

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