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Friday, September 16, 2016

Converse Philippines Executives, Influencers and Celebrity Endorsers

It was a night that ended in great festivities, wind blowing from every direction, clinking wine glasses and awesome shoes. How can we beat that? We don't... so what do we do? We join them. Converse has been in the street and sports scene for quite a long time, but to be honest, they've never been really out of style. Generations upon generations of teens, not so teens and kids have them. It's never been about gender, orientation, alien or monsters, because EVERYBODY has them. 

It's been raining a lot this season and Converse knows how much you need to have a pair of their shoes whatever, whenever, or just about any day that you would have to abuse your shoes. They've got the new Counter Climate Collection to take care of you. These lovely foot covers are not your ordinary Converse sneakers because they have premium weatherized features, a mix between water repellant materials and still breathable whilst not veering away from comfort and design. Imagine your Chucks, Cons, Jack Purcells which all look good when you're in a monsoon rain or the Sahara desert.

These are CONVERSE ESSENTIALS. These are athletic wear designed for everyday use especially for the active ones. If you are always on the go and want nothing to go between your great day and your great shoes. Run around amuck in every marathon, or every fun run outside or in the gym but still be comfy in what's on your skin. They've got pullovers, tees, zip hoodies and joggers which you can obviously wear when it's a little nippy.

Believe me I wore it this way until I got home. So everybody saw how crazy I am haha!

First dibs wouldn't be a legitimate word for it because I've already experienced the CONVERSE ALL STAR RUBBER from a few years back. It has saved me a lot of times from torrential rains and walking trips that involves centimeters of rainfall or falling in the mud with women, I mean friends. See the one on the left? That's the new one. That's the CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas. It's for ME, the Chuck lover who wants to wear it everyday. If it's hot or cold, the shoes can still breathe. Aside from that, you've got reflective material on it. It glistens when light hits, the neon bits also glows in the dark. How can you lose on something so awesome? You don't!

They went out with 2 things for Jack. The first of which is the CONVERSE JACK PURCELL SIGNATURE TWILL SHIELD CANVAS which has a water repellent finish, a tri color reflective heel, plus a mesh lining on the material's back. It felt a lot cooler, figuratively and literally. There's also the CONVERSE JACK PURCELL SIGNATURE M-SERIES which has enhanced visibility even in low light conditions. It's got a Lunarlon insole too for comfortable walking, with all the weather loving, changing, water repellent material as well.

Now you've got a peek of what's in store for this season, I just have one more to add. The CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR II RUBBER will have another shot this time. It involves a transparent rubber overlay on the same Chuck II designs. Not only does it protect your feet from the road you're walking on. It also will protect your lovely feet from the elements, no Engkantadya element would have an effect on it, I kid. It's got micro perforated leather lining and a heat reflecting barrier so your little toes stay warm. 

For those who want a piece of these gorgeous shoes, now is the right time to probably get one. They've got shoes on sale until the 18th of this month. Don't say I didn't tell you about it! Rush to CONVERSE stores nationwide and find your new Chucks today!

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