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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Okay ladies and germs. This one is a bit personal.

I am FAT. I'm proud that I have worked on this body so hard that from a tiny winy skinny boy from way back to now a big guy that's clinically obese type 2 if that's on record. You think all those days of blogging about food and attending numerous events won't catch up, but it does. What's miserable is that it came to a point where I was already having a hard time tying my shoe because my cute little stomach area is already huge. Oh yes and the infamous double chin is showing already no matter how hard I try to hide it via all the photographer known poses known to man.

I never fat shamed myself or anyone for that matter, but once that it does get a little uncomfortable to breathe or move... I thought I had to do something before I'd consider diet and gym. Think of it as a jump start, something that would make myself at least capable of comfortably doing the things I used to do and start moving again and become a more "normal" me. It's not bad to be fat don't get me wrong, but my gut was just in the way when I tried working out and to tell you honestly I wasn't doing much progress aside from profuse sweating.

I'm afraid of going under the knife so one of the nicest things I've tried recently is called LASERFIT. This is one of Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute's non surgical treatments and I gave it a try last month. I wasn't in the best physical form to begin with and the process pretty much has three phases. If your goal is weight loss, you will be advised to get a low carb and calorie diet. Aside from that, you will have to work out right after the treatment. Aside from the actual 10 minute workout video, I also went to my gym and used my gym membership to good use. I've only been paying for it for a couple of months even when I wasn't going to the gym. It really takes discipline to get something out of this.

The whole LASERFIT process depends on this contraption. It's a machine that introduces a "cold laser" designed to melt fat. Now I am a skeptic and I don't really believe in things like these especially when they use "light" to do it. I have undergone about 8 sessions which I religiously had done in a span of 4 weeks. I had to go back to the clinic twice a week (which is the recommended way to do this) and tried to do the workout they have designed after the treatment.

Now I don't want you to get grossed out so I'm not going to post anything nude with me on the frame. Let's just say that my waistline is so huge that I often only get sizes in Surplus and foreign shops because  I don't have that Asian body type. I'm a little Hispanic, hence the larger built. I needed to do this for myself because I want to jump start my workout and lose a few inches before I do it. The treatment only takes around 40 minutes each side (front and back) so it would take you around 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish the session. After that, you have to do the workout indicated on the video below which would take you 10 minutes. Sounds easy? NO. It's hard as hell. For a person who's a little on the heavy side like me, it was so difficult to do it on the first few days. I was dreading the part of the burpees, and when I posted it on Facebook for my friends to see, I saw a LOT of them having a hard time with it too. That made me realize that it was normal and I had to do it again at home so I wouldn't be having a hard time when I do it after the sessions.

Here's the workout video:

After this workout, you MUST remember to hydrate. Drink a glass of water or two, or bring your own bottle for convenience. I needed to breathe after this 10 minute intense exercise and I'm sure you will have to do that too. Rest and freshen up before you go out of Contours. They have shower and comfort room facilities so you can change if you plan to go somewhere else. My gym was actually just a floor down so I would always just go out and run, lift weights some more. 

The Verdict

Again, I'm a skeptic and I don't believe light could actually melt fat. But oh boy, I was wrong. In the second week, I already saw a huge difference in my tummy area. I concentrated the machine more on that because I wanted to lose my beer belly (even though I don't drink that much). That pouch has been troubling me tying my shoes, or just moving fast when I need to but now I don't even have to exert that much effort which is totally tops. My clothes fit quite well and just a few weeks ago I already bought my first pair of pants after the procedure. Let's just say I bought a FULL SIZE lower than what I usually buy at department stores. I went back a week after my sessions and had them measure me again. I lost about 3.5 inches in my whole body which is a remarkable amount already. I've also been gaining muscle because I've been lifting weights in the gym again. The great thing is, my friends and family do notice that my stomach area is a lot smaller than it used to. My shirts fit better, my pants is a size smaller, how can I not be happy right?

I'd like to thank the people over at Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute. Over the span of 4 weeks, they have been steadfastly following me up so I don't miss any appointments. They have also helped me during the hard days of working out in their private gym, made sure that if I needed help they're always there to attend to me. 

I lost a huge part of my beer belly, I don't even miss it one bit. I think this NON SURGICAL PROCEDURE would be VERY GOOD for men who would want to lose a couple of inches before they get married, or perhaps just about anyone who would want to fit in those clothes you've been keeping in the closet for along time, YES, those clothes that you wished you would fit again if you lost the weight (which probably didn't happen). Getting it done in Contours is a choice but what I can assure you is that LASERFIT in their center works. Honestly I wouldn't even have believed cold laser actually works, but it did. You may go ahead and call them at (02) 6354984. Contours Body Design Studio is located at the 5th Floor Building B of SM Megamall. You can also email them at for inquiries of treatments and their corresponding prices.


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