Salted Cheese Yakigashi from KUMORI

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yakigashi means "lightly baked cakes" and with really good fervor I got that specific treat yesterday. Japan is just like LOVE that every time it comes to our door, you welcome it with open arms an hug it tightly. This is where KUMORI comes in, whenever you want something good from Japan like cheesecakes and stuff, their store is one place to start in. I have bought a couple of batches whenever my relatives from Canada, the US and EU come to the Philippines and it was really a treat. This time, they wll let us have a new kind of Yakigashi, a thing made of dreams in fact.

This is Salted Cheese Yakigashi. Imagine a slice of fluffy yellow pound cake, a bit moist, but not too sweet. Biting into it you can feel the little morsels of salty parmesan cheese, making the cake more alive every time.  

It's also perfect to pair with coffee, warm milk and can even be reheated in the oven or microwave. I prefer mine to be a little cold though, because it feels so much better with the hot coffee. Like yin and yang, like itchy and scratchy, like Spongebob and Patrick, get the idea?

Now if you want to experience the same good cheese heaven we had in KUMORI, just go to their branches in major malls nationwide!

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Rise On Ice: Welcome Ice Athletes of Team Philippines

I have followed their quest during the Southeast Asian Games quite closely because I've met some of them during the press conference and send off party a couple of weeks ago. The Philippine Hockey team had me on the edge of my seat as they got so many issues that hindered them to be on top of their form, but in the end they did beat heavy favorite Thailand. Then Olympian Michael Martinez got the Silver Medal, which still made us all proud of his accomplishments heading to the next Winter Olympics. Aside from that, Filipina Ice Princess Alisson Petricheto also snatched a Bronze medal, made us completely ballistic at the bleachers, even at home. These medal hauls just proved we have a bright future on ice games and we were there also to welcome them home in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Michael Martinez says "I am pretty happy about the program that I did during the SEA Games and I have also seen people feel good about it as well, so no regrets. The next thing I'll be concentrating on is a podium finish during the Olympics and hopefully the SEA Games will be easy after that. I also can't wait for the Philippines' hosting on 2019, that's where we're sure the medals will come in. I'll be flying to LA in the next couple of weeks so I can join in the next Olympic Qualifiers, hopefully win it as well. We have very difficult elements and choreography to perform and I'll try and make sure they'd be executed well."

Mr Edgar Tejerero SM LEI's President adds "We all know how these athletes prepared for hours in order to get gold for ice hockey, and a silver and bronze for figure skating. Mr. Sy dreamt of these to be the home of ice sports in the country, and now it's bearing fruit. Nobody believed a tropical country could produce athletes like these, your victory is not only ours but the whole country. Congratulations and welcome home!"

Congratulations to all our Ice Athletes and cheers for more acheivements in the next coming years! You did a good job and continue to inspire more people with what you're doing. You are our champions!

Thank you SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. for continuing to support them in and out of ice!

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WISH 107.5 Launches Online Singing Competition WISHCOVERY

It looks like WISH 107.5 is making waves again as they launch WISHCOVERY, an online singing competition that aims to discover more talented Filipino singers that can make or break the global music stage. As you know, WISH 107.5 had already been able to accomplish a lot on the internet after uploading tons of videos of performances on the WISH Bus. They have sternly supported OPM for over 3 years and this year, they are taking it even higher!

Off topic: WISH Magazine will have their first issue on September, to add another medium talking about music worldwide. They will also be launching the WISH CARD, all aims to promote Filipino artists and music. This is huge news.

I've heard about this, seen one of the finalists a couple of weeks ago. They have scoured the country for 3 months and selected on 20 singers, so imagine how talented these guys and gals are. They will be called The Wishful 20 wherein they will be pitted against each other in a LIVE COMPETITION. The criteria for judging was a collaborative effort of executives from WISH and the judges so expect this to be a tight race. Every week, they will get 5 performers and pick the weakest until they get the final 5 contestants on March 2018. They will be seen by the judges online with raw videos provided by WISH when their performances are done. 

The program will be hosted by RnB Prince Kris Lawrence, whilst RnB King JayR, hit maker Jungee Marcelo, Annie Quintos of The Company will serve as judges aka Resident Reactors of WISHCOVERY this year. It will be held mostly at the WISH BUS where they will be required to interpret and perform OPM songs. This is part of their advocacy to bring Filipino music to the world! Make sure you catch them this September, the whole month and the weekends (for the announcement of winners). Stay tuned!

P.S. Thanks to Outback Steakhouse for our lunch that afternoon. I like the ribs!

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Watch Out for All Star Videoke on GMA!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It looks like GMA is making their Sunday afternoon even MORE fun by bringing in their hit show ALL STAR VIDEOKE back to TV which was once hosted by Allan K and Jaya. This time they're bringing in a very HUGE fancy stage, plus two new hosts to become song masters and start off the show. 

Betong Sumaya says "I always wanted to have a show aside from Survivor, I said it during those years and I've already had a movie with her. Now it's going to be us two, hosting our own show and she's not holding back in comedy here. She's sophisticated, but here she's letting all her hair down. You wouldn't believe what she can do in every taping I've had with her. The celebrity contestants will be seen without edits, you'll see who can sing or not in real life, some are really good, some doing it in second voice LOL. All Kapuso celebrities had fun in the show so I hope you watch the show this September 3 as we begin All Star Videoke! The previous one had a 7 year run and when I met him during Rochelle's wedding he game me his blessings, also Ms Jaya on Instagram. We are so proud to be part of this. I was a player back then but it wasn't like this, the stage is so high and they will fall. It's a little scary. We are also going to sing here so we'll try to see if out efforts are enough on the pilot show. You should also watch out for the second, third and fourth show. We'll try that fall on our next taping, but when we saw it during the first episode we already backed out LOL."

In the first episode, you'll see Kapuso stars Barbie Forteza, Jak Roberto, Ken Chan, Mikael Daez, Megan Young (who's inviting you to watch Miss World later on SNBO) and Kim Domingo. 

They choose a category, sing along, and every correct lyric will have an equivalent prize. Celebrity judges will choose who will get dropped off based on those who got more lyrics correct. For the first show, it will be Alden Richards and Jerald Napoles (as ALL STAR LAGLAGERS) on chair so they have to make sure they guess the lyrics right! For the two last contestants, they need to do the PUSH AND SING round where they will need to continue singing a song they chose and win a point if it's correct. 

Winners of this week will be challenging the next batch of celebrities and if they do it 4 times in a row, they will win a BRAND NEW CAR! Okay how do I join? LOL

So if you want to know who's gonna win, make sure you watch the first episode this September 3 with Betong Sumaya and Solenn Heussaff as hosts!

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AirAsia Announces Create Camp Finalists

About a month ago, a call for photography and videography enthusiasts happened at the AirAsia Philippines Facebook page and I actually wanted to join. If not for the age requirement I'm sure I could have passed but we're giving it to students and fresh grads this time, I was that giving LOL. Anyway, the well loved airline company just announced the five finalists among 500 entries they received online. It was already hard to narrow it down to 50 as all of them were chosen for creativity, originality and quality of story telling.

Winners were Paul Garrido from Mapua University, Raymond Baguilat from University of Baguio, Beatrice Paragas from University of the Philippines, Angela Cara Durano from DLSU in Cebu and John Paul Saluba from University of Iloilo. They will be mentored by Patrick Martin, Kyrke Jaleco, Neila Lomotan, Ayen Dela Torre, Rachel Halili, Javi Cang, Enzo Cruz, Benj Ramos and Paolo Cuarteron. 

I like John Paul Saluba's work more. It was the great transitions that got me hooked!

Capt. Dexter Comendador says "Our goal of making dreams come true now has spurn a social media reality show. When you fly with us, it means an adventure is about to begin. We have a creative pool of talents and this competition is a platform to shine, to make you discovered. This early, congratulations to these talented and young Filipinos. This will also be launched in other countries, but you are the first so we can't wait!"

Now they are fighting not only for pride but Php 1 Million worth of prizes including AirAsia Philippines flights to domestic and international destinations, an Apple Macbook Pro 13, a Nikon D5600 and 3D2N stay at Amorita Resort in Bohol, plus the opportunity to be one of AirAsia Storytellers Community. These finalists will all be flying to Bohol, Palawan, Tacloban and the Cordilleras so stay tuned for updates via 

They're just starting! 

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Flavors of the World: Incredible India

When you hear about India, what do you think makes it special? Is it the monuments made of love? Is it the wildlife? Is it the people? I'm sure most of you would agree it's the food! India is one of the most unique destinations to go to because their understanding of how to use spice is just unbelievable. This is why Sofitel Manila is featuring Flavors of the World: Incredible India. Now your love for spices will go to a whole new level as they feature different dishes at the best buffet spot in the Philippines (which is their restaurant) called SPIRAL. 

Starting from September 11 - 17 Chef Halim Ali Khan will prepare a full blown Indian feast at the Indian atelier featuring the best of Northern Indian cuisine. 

A representarive from the Indian Embassy spoke in front and said "India would like to congatulate Sofitel for being part of the 70th year of independence of India. I wish you all the very best!"

Chef Halim adds "Indian food is popular amomg Filipinos and tourists as well, I hope you will like the Indian food we prepared at Sofitel's atelier's. You will get to know more about our country, all our 27 provinces and how dishes differ in every region. We hope you come back this week as we celebrate our independence."

After that we had a showcase of Indian fashion courtesy of the Indian Embassy:

Now aside from the gorgeous outfits, they also have turned Spiral into an Indian inspired dining area. You'll feel, smell and eat like Kings and Queens in Manila's best buffet, so call 8326988or email them at if you want to reserve.

Thank you Sofitel Manila! 

Meet Kristian Sarmiento from Gentlemen of The Philippines

A dapper, confident and handsome man, that's Kristian Sarmiento. He's 21 years old, already a title holder as Mr. Quezon 2013 but feels he can do more now that he's joined Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017. He's got insecurities just like the rest of us, but he goes about to say "I do workout as a hobby, but it has made me more confident and comfortable about myself. I live with my 3 siblings and feel good that even if my folks work in another town, I have a place to call home and that to me is priceless."

He is also a very spirited dancer, so in the finals night he's willing to show his moves to prove how talented he is. He's also keen to enter showbusiness if he's given the opportunity to appear in tri-media, he'll grab it by the tail and ride with it. The dreamer from Lucban also says he's so lucky to have been able to receive support not just from his hometown but nearby cities in Quezon. He's thankful to see them go the extra mile making waves in their province, and sees this as an opportunity to also inspire them as he vies for the title of the Gentlemen of the Philippines. 

He also wants to dedicate his efforts to join this pageant to his mom who has always been supportive all throughout the competition and has given him the necessary courage to pit against other men in the contest. He loves her dearly and I think that shows how a good man he is, showing love for family and friends because that definitely doesn't make him less of a man to do it. You'll be swooned by this gentleman from Lucban, Quezon not just because he's tall, dark and handsome, but more so because he's family centric, which I deem is an important characteristic that a winner for Gentlemen of the Philippines should have.

If you want Kristian to win and know more about the competition, click and follow the instructions on how to cast your vote. The finals night of Gentlemen of the Philippines will happen on September 9 at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City. I'm rooting for him to win! 

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PHILAM Life #LiveBetter Expo!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Living better is total wellness. Eating healthy, working on your fitness, your mind and also planning for your future. Promoting living better as their mantra, insurance company Philam Life is launching the #LiveBetter EXPO. A caravan which they will take places so people would be able to learn how to prepare for our future, secure it, with a matching vitality program by rewarding you for keeping yourself healthy. 

So during the expo, we had ourselves checked by a dietician. She computed for my BMI or body mass index and told me what I should eat. I needed more veggies of course but I'm in a diet which is quite close to Keto. So scratch that thought becaus I'm eating meat! Haha.

"Our activities are based on our four pillars. Working out, the proper nutrition, insurance and financial intelligence. We will make sure this goes out to other parts of Manila, and later the country." -Berns Chincuangco of Philam Life

For a bit of wise decisions, they also had us promise a few health goals. I did something straight to the point. I've been in yoyo diets and it's keeping me okay sometimes, but a bit overweight in some instances. So I'm promising not to get fat by eating the right kind of meals when I can.

There were partner brands that were there too. They have discounts during the event but fret not, they have these guys in the PhilAm Vitality app which you can avail too. I liked what The Body Shop, Garmin and Tobys Sports had on display and if you're working out with the app, you'll get different perks like that.

They also got us to do different activities from Gold's Gym. They wanted us to ultimately live healthy lives while we're under PhilAm Life Insurance. 

Speaking of which, they explained to us that with the PhilAm Vitality app, you could get more perks and higher rewards if you keep yourself healthy. That's unheard of in the insurance business, but makes total sense. If you don't get sick, if you don't have problems with your health, you'll live longer and make use of your insurance money for more financially adept investments because you're okay. 

They had guest stars during the event and they shared their experience. "I started because I wanted to live a better life and I was unhappy, I just sticked to my goals and said it's now or never! -Raymond Gutierrez

"The older you get, the difficult it is but it's better to start than not to start at all. I workout a lot but also rest and take vacations. I eat right but also cheat every once in a while, so it's just a balance that we have to do in order to be healthy." -Solenn Heussaff

"You need to enjoy the journey, I look forward to working out everyday because I am very passionate about it. It takes an hour everyday to get to your fitness goals. Make time for your self, for your body because you will benefit from it." -Nico Bolzico

So download the Philam Life Vitality App and see one of their representatives to avail of their products. They will also introduce you to investments (aside from yourself) so you can take care of your future. That's Philam Life!

Stay tuned for more Philam Life #LiveBetter Expos that's going around the country soon! Follow their social media channels for more information!

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