Salted Cheese Yakigashi from KUMORI

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yakigashi means "lightly baked cakes" and with really good fervor I got that specific treat yesterday. Japan is just like LOVE that every time it comes to our door, you welcome it with open arms an hug it tightly. This is where KUMORI comes in, whenever you want something good from Japan like cheesecakes and stuff, their store is one place to start in. I have bought a couple of batches whenever my relatives from Canada, the US and EU come to the Philippines and it was really a treat. This time, they wll let us have a new kind of Yakigashi, a thing made of dreams in fact.

This is Salted Cheese Yakigashi. Imagine a slice of fluffy yellow pound cake, a bit moist, but not too sweet. Biting into it you can feel the little morsels of salty parmesan cheese, making the cake more alive every time.  

It's also perfect to pair with coffee, warm milk and can even be reheated in the oven or microwave. I prefer mine to be a little cold though, because it feels so much better with the hot coffee. Like yin and yang, like itchy and scratchy, like Spongebob and Patrick, get the idea?

Now if you want to experience the same good cheese heaven we had in KUMORI, just go to their branches in major malls nationwide!

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