5 Working Selfie Tips for Selfie Addicts

Friday, August 18, 2017

I'm a photographer.  With the years of experience I've had taking shots for portraits, fashion or runway, I think I have mastered one skill every self confessed selfie addict would proudly want to have, taking selfies. I am not saying I'm the best, but I've had enough experience explaining the science behind it and what constitutes a perfect selfie. 

1. Setting the mood

Your face has tons of expressions, it can portray sadness, happiness, if you're angry or fierce. It's a canvass and all you have to do is fill that up with the mood you want to express. Start practicing with mirrors because it's one fool proof way of seeing yourself right before someone else sets you up for a shot. You can't be happy if you're in a graveyard, nor can you laugh loudly when inside a church. Take the initiative to check which goes where because the last thing you need is a place to take the attention away from your face, remember, this is your show so don't forget to set the mood before immortalizing yourself in photos.

2. Look at the Light

The face is not an artsy subject so don't make it age or become too noisy by not giving it the light that it needs. Looking the light source gets that extra glisten in the eyes that makes it that remarkable windows to your soul. I've seen a lot of people fall in love with people who have gorgeous eyes, so if this is your asset, go ahead and flaunt it!

3. Use Your Angles

I do this in every photo that has been taken of me. I know I'm a little fat than usual so I have practiced a lot of times in the mirror and made sure if other people catch me in photos that I show at least what's left of my jawline. You have to know how it will show on photos and that will make you look thinner. A few pounds off photos will do you wonders and if you do the same with poses, you'll get a lot of people to complement you and say you lost a few pounds, even look taller at times.

4. Take LOTS of Shots

A smirk, a smile, a pose, couldn't be catched by one shot. Thank the heavens above for digital cameras and smart phones because as long as you have space, you can try to capture that moment. Delete quite mercilessly so you still have photos to choose from and enough memory to take more photos. 

5. Choose the right Hardware

Now that you've covered the basics, you need the more powerful hardware to do the job. Take for example Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro. It's got a 20 Megapixel front camera, a great Sony IMX376 sensor, a rear and front light, dual rear cams (13 and 8 Megapixels) that can also do optical zooms. I don't think you'll have any more problems after that. Affordable, but solved your selfie problems, that's a good thing.

I hope this helps!

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