Time for Fun at Timezone AyaLa Malls Vertis North

Thursday, August 03, 2017

My kind of gaming spans years of spending it in arcades. My highschool accomplishments include a little byline of championing two of my favorite games Samurai Showdown and Darkstalkers. Although most kids nowadays prefer battling it out on a console, my idea of a battle is totally different and involves fighting in arenas with total strangers thay come from different parts of the city and make them try to beat me. Most often than not, they go home losers but the thrill of actually fighting on screen is an experience I got addicted to, because the whole experience is different. It was something I always wanted to feel, the nervousness of actually punching and knocking out opponents in a game is surreal and can't be duplicated. So this is why up until this day, I still go to arcades like Timezone. Because in the age of console gaming, we still want to experience being in a room full of machines and getting into fights across the screen that couldn't be replicated at home. So when they opened a new branch in Ayala Malls Vertis North, all I could say is "I'm there!".

Timezone has been my go to place to play arcade games nowadays and there are several machines in this place that are very new but spit out tickets so you can get the equivalent points exchanged with some fun toys and knick knacks they have on the play area. Let me show you around.

This one is Pac Man Battle Royale. You can drop coins (or swipe your Powercard in this case) and play with 3 other opponents to finish all the stages and try not to get eaten by the ghosts running around pac land.

Timezone is for family entertainment so they built three whole lanes of play bowling so your kids and not so kids at heart would be able to play games bu swiping a few hundred pesos per line. It's pretty cool they were able to fit this in the game area and according to the executives I interviewed later that day, they have something in the pipeline that is not even half of what they put in on this new branch. There will be an even BIGGER one? Are you kidding me? And that's what we should also find out very soon. 

I played on this machine and got several hundred tickeys in one go. I thought I was already good at it but my blogger friend Myke Soon (of mykesoon.net) got even more rolls of tickets than me, no joke!

They have been also holding several events including this one for Tekken 7 which they got the machine in advanced (ahead of any Philippine based entertainment centers) then got them be played by legit arcade enthusiasts like me. Although I'm not quite an expert in Tekken I can put up a fight LOL. 

For race car fans, you don't wanna miss playing on this one that takes photos of your face and includes them in game! Now you can bump the off the course, get ahead of the pack and recognize them while you're running around the track. Isn't that nice? :) 

If you wanna test your eye hand coordination, try this machine for gift certificates, tons of toys, and rolls upon rolls of tickets. This is difficult haha.

For those who want to try their luck, you should always choose your briefcases wisely. The old Deal or No Deal game is a fun way to play with your friends and family. But be sure to back out if you're already being offered a high amount of tickets by the banker. You don't wanna lose all those precious points you know.

They have more interactive games with realy water spitting out of the tubes and hitting monsters on the machines. It would be pretty great for kids.

I know a lot of my friends spent a lot of hours in these cubicles. It's got Laraoke machines in them and each song is cheap, so swipe away and get involved with your inner diva and belt those song numbers like nobody is watching. 

For movie buffs, you can play Transformers. Beat them Decepticons and save the world from powerful evil beings who want them for their own.

Oh and if you can still see this tower at Timezone, take a selfie with it and enter their contest because you'll get a chance to win prizes like MORE load for your Powercards which means more Time for Fun.

I played the Bowling game and got pretty descent scores. It's like Duckpin with digital scoring systems and even kids could play this game because the balls are so light.

For guys who want to play, be in comfy clothes. You may shop next door haha. Again, it was a treat for gamers like me to go back and enjoy Timezone. I went back to this place for 3 straight days because I had so much fun, not to mention the tons of scores and stuffed toys I had, I got to take them all home for my Mom and sister too. :)

They have machines that really clamp on toys, none of those cheating ones you often see in the other arcades. I got to take home tons of dogs and pigs in the process. 

The dance machines were phenomenal. There were tons of dancers waiting for their turn on this 2017 edition of this game and they did it with ease. I couldn't even see the arrows anymore and they were professionals I think. Some of them were probably also talents of Timezon/ might have worked with them as their shirts had all their logos on it. I was at awe!

Congratulations to the men and women who worked hard to put this TIMEZONE Ayala Malls Vertis North branch up at the third floor. I'll be playing here during my free time and will come back to redeem my toys as soon as I get the needed points for that huge stuffed toy I want from your shelves. I promise you I'll get it.

Here's the short interview we had with them, please enjoy and stay tuned for more fun family entertainment centers they are planning to put up in the future! They promised me it's alreade in the pipeline. I can't wait to see that all come true! Please make sure my mid rethro games are included please! Thanks TIMEZONE!


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