MORE PHOTOS: Park Shin Hye for Bench

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Maybe, just maybe, you've been a good person in your past life so we're giving you this treat. We have released a few photos already of Park Shin Hye a couple of weeks ago but I still have more on my DSLR that I decided to share today. Shot entirely at the press conference when she arrived, you'll see the lovely Korean lass while she gamely answers questions from the press and rub elbows with Bench CEO Mr. Ben Chan. This is part of the celebration of BENCH's 30 years in the clothing retail industry, and the Filipino's affinity to anything Korean these days so enjoy this treat!

The event was hosted by Sam Oh, she's Korean too so it was actually easy to talk to Park Shin Hye because she could understand the language and talk to her on the side. There was also an interpreter so nobody really got lost in translation LOL.

Then when she came out, it was like an angel came down fron heaven. She wore a little white dress for the occasion. She also started talking about the concert that they were going to do the next day.

Park Shin Hye is also helping less fortunate children in Manila via her Park Shin Hye Foundation. Bench is now part of the sponsors for this center which she opened last year. She also has donated to different organizations around the world and even helped secretly in some causes in Korea too. She also has a center in Ghana and continues to work hand in hand with private companies to fund these centers, even provide scholarships to kids that have no means to go to schools.

Don't you just love people who go the extra mile and use their popularity for the greater good? Thank you BENCH and congratulations on your 30th year!

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