PHILAM Life #LiveBetter Expo!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Living better is total wellness. Eating healthy, working on your fitness, your mind and also planning for your future. Promoting living better as their mantra, insurance company Philam Life is launching the #LiveBetter EXPO. A caravan which they will take places so people would be able to learn how to prepare for our future, secure it, with a matching vitality program by rewarding you for keeping yourself healthy. 

So during the expo, we had ourselves checked by a dietician. She computed for my BMI or body mass index and told me what I should eat. I needed more veggies of course but I'm in a diet which is quite close to Keto. So scratch that thought becaus I'm eating meat! Haha.

"Our activities are based on our four pillars. Working out, the proper nutrition, insurance and financial intelligence. We will make sure this goes out to other parts of Manila, and later the country." -Berns Chincuangco of Philam Life

For a bit of wise decisions, they also had us promise a few health goals. I did something straight to the point. I've been in yoyo diets and it's keeping me okay sometimes, but a bit overweight in some instances. So I'm promising not to get fat by eating the right kind of meals when I can.

There were partner brands that were there too. They have discounts during the event but fret not, they have these guys in the PhilAm Vitality app which you can avail too. I liked what The Body Shop, Garmin and Tobys Sports had on display and if you're working out with the app, you'll get different perks like that.

They also got us to do different activities from Gold's Gym. They wanted us to ultimately live healthy lives while we're under PhilAm Life Insurance. 

Speaking of which, they explained to us that with the PhilAm Vitality app, you could get more perks and higher rewards if you keep yourself healthy. That's unheard of in the insurance business, but makes total sense. If you don't get sick, if you don't have problems with your health, you'll live longer and make use of your insurance money for more financially adept investments because you're okay. 

They had guest stars during the event and they shared their experience. "I started because I wanted to live a better life and I was unhappy, I just sticked to my goals and said it's now or never! -Raymond Gutierrez

"The older you get, the difficult it is but it's better to start than not to start at all. I workout a lot but also rest and take vacations. I eat right but also cheat every once in a while, so it's just a balance that we have to do in order to be healthy." -Solenn Heussaff

"You need to enjoy the journey, I look forward to working out everyday because I am very passionate about it. It takes an hour everyday to get to your fitness goals. Make time for your self, for your body because you will benefit from it." -Nico Bolzico

So download the Philam Life Vitality App and see one of their representatives to avail of their products. They will also introduce you to investments (aside from yourself) so you can take care of your future. That's Philam Life!

Stay tuned for more Philam Life #LiveBetter Expos that's going around the country soon! Follow their social media channels for more information!

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