Coffee Love Down South at Festival Mall

Thursday, August 03, 2017

My visit to Festival Mall a few days ago was actually a bit surprising. There have been really remarkable improvements to the mall and they've opened up shops including coffee places that I frequent in. I wanted to relax after an event and do some writing projects in between because I find these places quite calming. The scent of freshly ground coffee, it was all I need to get inspired and shrug off all the stress. 

I don't like super crowded places and Seattle's Best Coffee does really good Javakula, my fave Java Chip, their breakfast sets, pasta, salads and sandwiches. Plus they are donning my favorite color Red :) so that's a plus! I like Festival Mall and how it's all front and center to Filinvest City, they call these Filinvest Lifemalls which they put up in different properties. Their VP for Marketing Ms. Rose Nuqui says "We've envisioned this not just to be a place to shop but somewhere to actually spend quality time for families and friends even if it's just over coffee." And I think that's a good thing. So if you're in the mood to hang out with the most important people in your life, take a trip down south and sit down, have a cup or two in Festival Mall. 

It's all there!

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