The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Launch

Monday, June 30, 2014

If you had money to burn and wanted a gadget that would better fit your phone and photography needs, you might want to look at Samsung's newest called the Galaxy K Zoom. It's got this 4.8 inch long and 1280 x 720 AMOLED screen (which looked so impressive and colorful at this pod) powered by an Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, a 20.7 Megapixel camera, a 10x optical zoom, 2GB ram and a 2430 mAh battery which would last quite a while. This is more of a phone rather than a digital camera but the convenience of having both gadgets in one is just convenient.

In the event, they did lend us a few units so we can see how it fares with regular smart phones. It did give us a significant amount of excitement because the market they probably want to sell this to is us bloggers and IT media; who's involvement in social media is just natural, fast and has got a huge turnover. You'll get rid of the trouble editing, posting and updating information on channels because everything's there. The picture quality, honestly I had a debate running on my table because we had many qualms on having it qualify as a full blown camera which it isn't. In comparison, this is still digital zoom and it isn't using mirrors which DSLR's usually do. For the output, it does give really good photos and the effects embedded on the phone is something to be really proud of. Samsung has gotten pro suggestive filters and effects enabled on the menu and a half press on the clicker.

Mr. Eric Sulit, Head of Samsung Philippines Digital Imaging says that you can't beat the convenience of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom because you don't have to lug around huge DSLR's anymore during coverages. It also has the Geo News Feature which is sent to all similar Samsung devices. My friend even showed me his GEO NEWS Message that he received containing details of the recent earthquake which happened the day before this event. He also mentioned he received it minutes from when it happened, that's a pretty useful thing to have so you wouldn't be second guessing news on Twitter. 

It was raining hard and we had fog all over 71 Gramercy  on that day but they asked us to shoot using the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom using its features. We did good and I must say, the thing is easy to understand and use even if I'm not an Android lover.

The colors can also be retouched and the possibilities of making your photo be "what you want it to be" is endless. That's something you can't really get with just an ordinary phone. Now it's more powerful and can do a wide variety of applications even if it's this small. I couldn't even say it's bulky because you need that lens for the shots you need to take. Battery wise, I think it could last you the whole day or even more because your Android can opt to choose power saving modes on it. For those who want to get a phone and a worthy camera, this is perfect. See? We even uploaded the photos on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom via Instagram. It retails for almost 25K in the Philippines. Make sure to test it out first through vendors nationwide!


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Director Andoy Ranay, Dingdong Dantes and Maricel Soriano for "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real"

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It was a great day to get to know people from the show "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" which is one of the great prime time offerings  in GMA. I've written about Lovi Poe in the past and this time we'll get to know them (people in front and behind the cam) a little better as we got to talk with Director Andoy Ranay, Dingdong Dantes and the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Director Andoy Ranay

Direk Andoy Ranay has been working behind the camera for years now and just recently, he has been the talk of the town because of the hit movie "Diary ng Panget" (Diary of an Ugly) which catapulted the career of James Reid, Andre Paras, Nadine Ilustre and Yassi Pressman. He said that the ready market of readers was one of the reasons why it became successful and he also attributes that project with VIVA getting the rights on it. The second one he's making isn't really a sequel but another book being made into film just like when they used to do it with Filipino comics in the past. It was a big surprise because he says these unknown actors were all lucky as fans of the book immediately supported the movie. The second project "Talk Back And You're Dead" is also banking on the fan base but they're also glad that they are also working with a giant production such as Star Cinema. There are going to be new actors and he knows the material is very good even if it was written by young ones. He adds "This is more serious and intense. I need to know how to get their psyche and know them as a person. Their life experiences are not much but the friendly approach is being done so I can get something from them". Direk Andoy also says "Working with veteran actors is easy, more so if you are in the leagues of the people you're working with in "Ang Dalawang Mrs Real". I still want to learn a lot, that's where I came from... the theater. My passion is acting too. I impart what I learn from that to kids... but working with Maricel is a dream. I watch her during the early years but I try so hard to also not be overwhelmed. This project was offered to her but we only knew each other as friends. Now as a director, she asked for a dinner so we can get to know each other. She assured me that she will give her respect, talent and everything to me. Her presence really is like that so I try not to be star struck every time we meet on the set."

With regards to the show, comparisons he says was not too present because he knows he's telling a different story. The legal wife was on the point of view of the wife. This one's more on the guy's side and the issue of bigamy. This is where they concentrate and not too much on the other women in his life. They are concentrating on the families and the three big actors on the project. You can expect that there will be a big confrontation soon and he mentions that they are brewing that right now. Maricel will release or unleash her madness soon. Direk Andoy says he is inspired just to work with Dingdong, Lovi and Ms. Maricel. He also says he appreciates how much effort they put into this and even better on the next few taping days. It only takes them a few takes because they really know how to do it already. They don't really give any inputs because they want Direk Andoy to take charge. If they did that, Direk Andoy would have given them the Director position..  and we laughed a bit about that. 

Direk Andoy was a joy to interview and he was very nice too. He didn't give out that aura of being too strict while we were there and says the rumors before were really not true. I've seen it myself that evening.

Solaire and AirAsia Launches SkySolaire!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Solaire and Air Asia in a very special partnership.
I wasn't really prepared to know what was about to happen, but I was just as excited as the people from Solaire and Air Asia as they were about to embark on something BIG to help boost the gaming and tourism industry at the Air Asia Hangar in Andrews Avenue, Domestic Airport in Pasay City. What am I talking about? Well.. have a look at this video.

Donato Almeda the Board Director of Solaire says "This is a key undertaking between two dynamic brands, we are raising the bar and even taking it to the skies!"

Maan Hontiveros, CEO of AirAsia Philippines says they fully believe in partnerships and this collaboration will surely be a boost to the tourism industry. They are planning to have flights directly to cities in China, Malaysia and Korea.
Ladies from AirAsia will be donned in colors of Solaire Gold and Black ensembles. Then they unveiled the plane that afternoon!

This is the Airbus A320, now it's fully covered with the Solaire brand. With the world class service that's also seen in their hotels and establishments, you can only expect nothing but the best in Sky Solaire. 

Solaire and AirAsia has plans of making this a continued effort; to even get additional planes and a bigger campaign up until 2016. This will be something that people from other nations would take notice of and surely, a way to entice them to visit Solaire in the future. They will see how it is to have so much fun in the Philippines and perhaps get food and entertainment in one place called Solaire!


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Piolo Pascual and The "Hawak Kamay" Family Day

The cast of Hawak Kamay starring Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado and Nikki Gil

It was a hot afternoon but that didn't stop us from going to the family day of the "Hawak Kamay" (Holding Hands) cast at Hospicio De San Jose in Manila. It's a shelter for abandoned kids and elderly people managed by the Sisters of Charity, bless them for doing this! It was simple and well attended. Tons of sponsors were also there showing support for the cause and the artists of the show. The show stars Piolo Pascual who will play the role of Gin, a frustrated singer, a drunkard and a man with no direction... who later finds himself taking care of orphaned kids. Iza Calzado plays Atty. Bianca Magpantay, Nikki Gil will be Meann who will play as the two ladies in his life.The kid superstars Zaijian Jaranilla will play Emong, Xyriel Manabat plays Dara, Andrea Brillantes plays Lorrie and Yesha Camile (of famed Promil Ishine) will play Ningning.

Andrea Brillantes danced a bit for the kids, Xyriel Manabat sang and danced for the lolas and Zaijian Jaranilla sang and danced with the others to start off the program. You can really see that the orphans and elderly women enjoyed it because their smiles were priceless.

Piolo Pascual went in front and sang with the kids, I could hear the elderly women and shelter staff giggle a bit when he did that. 

Axel Torres was there too, he'll be playing the role of Benj. He just came out of the Big Brother house and he's already got a project this big! He was really happy. I congratulated him when he was about to go out of the venue and he said a simple "Thanks!".. I like it when they do that.

Here's the trailer:

It will show this July 7th replacing the program Mirabella which will end on the 4th of July. It's a family series that will show a different light on what a family is and how a man will strive to make this work even if he's struggling to make ends meet. So make sure you don't miss it!


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Mikoy, Rita, Frencheska and Dion for Artist Center Jam Sessions

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frencheska Farr, Rita De Guzman, Mikoy Morales and Dion Ignacio
It was a great evening of music and artistry when we went to Route 196 in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. GMA network's very talented artists namely Frencheska Farr, Rita De Guzman, Mikoy Morales and Dion Ignacio. I honestly haven't seen them perform live yet to tell you honestly so this is one thing I'm a little excited about. It's a good thing that they did not disappoint me. I had so much fun that evening.

Mikoy Morales

I've seen Mikoy Morales during his Protege days and of course he was one of the few who was to be taken notice because he's got a very unique voice. It's a bluesy, rnb kinda thing. He was a little quiet at first, maybe because he hasn't met me yet; but once that the program started he looked really friendly.Now remember, I haven't heard him sing live yet so this is a first. I tried to record their performances one by one and upload them real time. Check out this number by Mikoy during the jamming sessions.

That's really good. He felt what he sang and made us all feel the same way. If you get to be affected by a song, what more an album soon. In the mean time, please make sure you subscribe with his Youtube channel to check out his covers and original compositions. His songs are also going to be featured in up coming films and programs in GMA. He's going to be in some of them too so you better watch out for this talented chap on the same channel!

Rita De Guzman

As pretty as the girl you dreamed of last night, she's one fine lady with a very powerful voice. I actually like her style, a more deep kind of belting with very controlled dynamics. She sang an original called "Bilang Ikaw" (Just Like You) which I must say is a good OPM song which was fit and styled perfectly for her range. I'm so sorry I didn't get to record her video as I was still uploading Mikoy's song. She only sang two songs that evening and I thought there was going to be a next one. My bad. Anyway, since she's this good... GMA Records is actually already in the works to release her new album. It's going to have original ones so you have to watch out for that. 

I kinda hated her in Villa Quintana because she was really evil in that role but seeing her here was just great. I didn't know she sings this good, proving her worth as the grand winner of Popstar Kids. She knows how good she is too and that exudes confidence, just like when she sang that evening here. We can't wait to see how her new songs will fare on the airwaves because she is indeed so promising!

Frencheska Farr

I didn't recognize her probably because of her hair. She's Frencheska Farr, and I kinda knew her because she has worked with my Sensei Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas. Those were stunning photos. I also saw her debut album called "Inside my heart" which was more so represented who she is as a recording artist. Her voice is good and I liked what I heard that evening from her. You be the judge on how good she sounds like here.

Her album is still out on major record bars and stores nationwide. If you like what you're hearing in this bit, you'll even love the album. She's a very talented gal and I'm sure you're gonna hear a lot more songs from her in future ones, right GMA Records? :) Aside from that, Innamorata was awesome with you in it. I hope we get to see you in more projects in GMA, you're a nice gal... you deserve it. By the way, she'll also have a benefit concert entitled YOLO this July 25 at the Music Museum. This is for cancer patients and survivors, a really good cause. Tickets will be available at the venue, online and shops nationwide. Make sure you don't miss it!

Dion Ignacio

Seeing a good looking guy like Dion Ignacio makes me a little jealous. He's tall, chiseled like a demigod, has got the face that would make women fall on their knees... and I thought that was all. This evening was a really good eye opener because this wasn't just the Dion I knew all these months that I got to know him. I didn't know that he freakin sounded this good!

This is the first time I've heard him sing live. To my surprise, I couldn't help but tell him how good he was after his set. His background in working with a band also came in handy because he played the drums and the in different songs during the event. Sometimes, I don't get it why people are almost made perfect. Anyway, he's going to have a new album that will be under GMA Records. It's about time! He's a way talented individual to just be limited to dramatic roles he's been doing lately. Congratulations Dion! Proud of you! ;)

The guys and gals are talented and with GMA Artist  Center and GMA Network as a whole working on them, I wouldn't be surprised if they get to where they want to be career wise. I'd love to see another one of these jamming sessions soon! We totally had fun! :) What a way to introduce artists to the public!


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